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pediatric home care unique as each child:


Caring for a child with significant health issues is stressful and demanding for any family. Not having your child in the comfort of their own home surrounded by loved ones can be even more taxing on your emotions. That’s why Bayshore created in-home pediatric services to help support parents in meeting the specific needs of their child at home – we can bring hospital home and our goal is to create the most conducive and highest quality living environment as possible, directly in their own home.

We take the time to bring in specially-trained pediatric nurses and caregivers who are equipped to manage complex clients. Many of our clients require care that traditionally would have only been available in a hospital, but today we can carry almost all specialized care into the home including tracheostomy care, dialysis support and seizure management along with the standard activities of daily living. For many of us, eating, bathing and dressing comes without challenges. But for children with high-complex care needs, the essentials require a delicate touch. We work in collaboration with the whole care team and family to develop a personalized care plan that meets all of their needs.

A solid reputation in pediatric care allows us to help make the lives of families easier, and help them cope day after day. Whether in conjunction with our government-funded program, insurance plans, or privately funded, our services and care are aligned with quality standards and best practice. Having dedicated clinical programs designed in collaboration with clinical experts from across the country ensures our standardized approach to health-care practice, treatment and follow up provides the best possible outcomes for the children and families we serve.

Some of the services we provide include:
• Medication administration
• Dressing changes and wound care management
• Nutritional support through tube feeding and total parenteral nutrition
• Chronic disease management and therapy
• Tracheostomy and ventilator care
• Peritoneal dialysis
• Pain and symptom management
• Palliative care support

Knowing theses resources are available to families of children with high-complex care needs can make going home an easier choice. Feeling stress-free about this decision and returning to the comforts of home can be a difficult leap. However, once everything is in place and the child is settled in their familiar surroundings, the transition takes an upward swing.

This week, when I helped our pediatric team at the Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres conference,, I learned about the many resources available. One organization in particular that impressed me was Hope Air, Canada’s only nationwide charity providing free flights to people who can’t afford the cost of an airline ticket to get specialized medical care outside their home communities. Hope Air gets Canadians to better care. Half of their flights are for children and 30 per cent of their clients would have to cancel or postpone important medical care if they couldn’t get a flight – this is one boarding call you don’t want to miss. For more information, visit Hope Air’s website at, or call 1-877-346-4673.

It’s a heartening thought to know there are devoted organizations making an effort to better the lives of people everywhere.




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