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Trusted Regina Hot tub expert Trusted tip on Hot Tubbin' in the cold

 Trusted Regina Hot Tub Expert

 Tip on Hot Tubbin' in the cold!!

It's that time of year again to remind hot tub owners of some simple ways to protect your hot tub from freezing. These measures, taken individually or together, will give you more comfort and security that you are protecting your investment in relaxation.

Spa Monitor:

We have several inexpensive monitoring systems that allow you to view the temperature of your water temperature or equipment enclosure temperature ffrom the comfort of inside your home while you're sipping your morming coffee! Simple to install and operate. Prices range $59-$79. GFCI

Breaker Alarm:

These alarms give an audible and visual alarm if your ground fault breaker should ever trip. For use only with most Spa breaker panels. Easy to install. Price $129

Space Heater:

Place a small space heater with a thermostat inside your equipment enclosure, set it on low and should your spa ever stop heating and there is still electricity to your home, you will be protected. Make sure it is on a ground fault circuit for safety. Price $25.00

Insulated Spa Blankets:

Simply cut to size for your spa and place directly on the water under your hard cover. This also minimizes evaporation and moisture from reaching the underside of your hard cover which will extend the life of your hard cover. Price $49-$119

Remember, Water and Winter don't mix well together, so take some easy steps as "insurance" so that you dont have to Worry about Relaxing !

Happy Tubbin' Your Friends at Halcyon Spas

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Your first step into the beautiful WHEATLAND FIREPLACE showroom will help you understand why Wheatland Fireplace has been given the Thumbs up by Trusted Regina. This really is where your REGINA Outdoor living and Fireplace dreams meet in spectacular surroundings! Wheatland Fireplace services and installs their high-quality fireplaces, barbecues (bbq), grills and smokers from industry leading manufacturers.They love their customers and as a result,their customers love and TRUST them. Wheatland Fireplace are your Exclusive Trusted REGINA FIREPLACE store and they are Trusted REGINA OUTDOOR LIVING & RECREATION Experts!  and TRUSTED REGINA HOME APPLIANCE & FIREPLACE experts


For more than 25 years Wheatland Fireplace has installed high-end, high quality products in the homes of people like you with an eye for beauty and quality. Their products include fireplaces, bbq, kitchens and smokers with locations in Regina & Saskatoon....

Trusted had heard great things about Wheatland Fireplace from many people in Regina and Saskatoon, so when we went into the Regina showroom, where the Head Office is located to have a little look around, and  we were thrilled to be so warmly welcomed by the super sales staff, just like people told us we would be! The showroom is AMAZING and you cannot fail to be impressed by the range of Fireplaces, stoves, hot tubs and all accented by stunning wall art and home decor items!! WHO KNEW!!

Trusted  set up a meeting with Chuck the owner to discuss Trusted. Chuck is instantly likeable and afer spending 45 mins with him, it is was obvious that he sets the tone of the company and leads by example, he is forward thinking and absolutely ' GETS' what Trusted stands for! Chuck loved the idea and signed up on the spot for Saskatoon and Regina!

The Trusted verification process was started in both markets - when we have Partners that are in multi markets or multi locations we ask for 25 clients names and numbers for each location- to ensure standards are excellent everywhere ( not just where the boss has his office!)... The comments we got back from clients were fantastic, their clients really are  FANS of Wheatland Fireplace and they had great things to say about the staff, the after service and the products themselves! 

"I am really happy with my experience at Wheatland Fireplace, and have already recommended them to friends! I initially chose them after going to several of their competitors looking for a fireplace, but i was left feeling underwhelmed with the lack of attention or service, I felt the showroom staff seemed to dismiss me. The way Wheatland Fireplace dealt with me was really great from the moment I stepped through the door...I chose a fireplace and they installed it ..a little while after I had an issue with the wind howling down the chimney really loud, and when I spoke to Wheatland about it they sent someone straight over to rectify it for questions asked! I have just purchased a BBQ from them and plan to buy a Hot Tub from them next year too ..they have been great. I have to give them a 9.5 or 10 out of 10 I have absolutely nothing negative to say about them! " Richard Fulham, Dilke, SK.


We are proud to have such a distinguished and award winning Saskatchewan company on our Saskatoon directory of excellence , they are very deserving of the Thumbs up !   They are our exclusive REGINA SPA  store- they are Reginas exclusive Jacuzzi dealers-  and you can check them out here in REGINA OUTDOOR LIVING & RECREATION  and REGINA HOME APPLIANCE & FIREPLACE

Welcome WHEATLAND FIREPLACE  to the REGINA Directory of EXCELLENCE!        




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