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Trusted Regina Bathroom share a tip on choosing a kitchen sink


Here they share a tip on choosing a kitchen sink: 

When choosing a kitchen sink, design, size and type of installation are all very important.If you are renovating, it is helpful if you take a couple of measurements inside your cabinet with the width and depth of the cabinet that will be accommodating the sink. If you bring those measurements along to your consultation with our Kitchen & Bath Classics expert they will help you choose your perfect sink. If planning new cabinets, we can work with your cabinet designer to match the size needed. Blanco has a number of options available to choose from, with sinks made from Stainless Steel, Siligranite and Fireclay.

The Blanco stainless steel sinks are 18 gage and have a wide variety of sizes and styles to choose from. The Blanco Attika sink with Steelart design, has a special elevated rim, making it a trendsetter showcasing popular architectural designs. The Blanco Practika laundry sink is an interesting undermount sink that has an integrated washboard for scrubbing.

The Blanco Siligranite sinks have a composite with 80% granite within them, creating a scratch and stain resistant sink. New colours available like Truffle and Cinder, introduce designer colours into your kitchen design. The Blanco Diamond with a low divide is a large sink with a lower centre divider allowing it to be used as both a single and a double sink. At Kitchen & Bath Classics we have many Blanco sinks on display so you can see the new colours and designs.

The Blanco Fireclay sink design is an undermount with an apron front, perfect with Granite, Quartz or other solid surface countertops.

Our Kitchen & Bath Classics experts will need to know what type of countertop you are planning to use, whether laminate, granite, quartz or other solid surface top, so we can suggest a drop in or undermount option for your sink.

Blanco also has a variety of Kitchen and Prep faucets to choose from in both chrome and stainless finishes with some featuring accents to coordinate with Siligranite colours.






Trusted Regina Bathroom store tip on Insinkerator Waste Disposal Systems



Convenience and Innovation all in one

An environmentally responsible solution to your food waste management is an Insinkerator Waste Disposal. Today’s disposals only use about 1% or less of a household’s total water consumption and electrical usage. You can add a waste disposal to any new kitchen design or renovation; you just need to add the electrical requirements.

Insinkerator waste disposals. The Dura-Drive Induction motor uses centrifugal force to spin the waste against a grind ring and break it down into fine particles. We also have septic safe disposers, such as the model Evolution Septic Assist.


The Evolution Excel features the Sound Seal Plus noise reduction technology. This results in 60% less noise than a standard disposal. The MultiGrind Plus allows for more types of food waste with its three stage grind system. With its powerful 1 hp motor you can dispose of most of your food waste.

The Evolution Compact is great for homes with less cabinet space underneath. It is a ¾ hp disposal, more compact in size than the 1 hp models. This disposal works in a renovation or new construction, keeping in mind you need to add the electrical supply.


If mounting your disposal on a sink on an island, we suggest a separate button control to mount on the countertop so you don’t have to mount it on the side of the island.

We know that your time is precious and if you want a cup of tea now, or near boiling water to get those potatoes started, we can help you get that more instantly. With an Insinkerator Instant Hot Water Dispenser you will have 200F, near boiling hot water at your fingertips and more time to relax and put those feet up. The tank holds up to 60 cups of hot water and yet uses less energy than a 40 watt light bulb.








Trusted Regina Bathroom store tip on Bain Ultra tubs


Here they share a tip on Bain Ultra tubs:


At the end of the day everyone wants to relax and what better way than to retreat into your bath and lose yourself in Bain Ultra’s therapies designed to wash away your worries.


We also have the Vedana multi-therapy on display so you and our Expert staff can meet and they will help you choose the perfect tub for you and your space.

Bain Ultra offers soaker tubs and the option of a ThermoMasseur massage system included in the tub. Some of the soaker tubs have an option of a Warm Touch Shell, of- as a therapy. The ThermoMasseur system offers a multiple massage technique of Hydro-thermo massage and acupressure, resulting in a personal massage at home anytime you desire.


Aromatherapy is the addition of essential oils to enhance physical and physiological well-being. Chromatherapy uses coloured lights to heal, improve your mood, wake you up, or stimulate your senses.

The Aroma Cloud experience, can be used with or without essential oils, and when over your water like a mountain fog, bringing the essential oils along with it. 

The Vedana offers several therapies for your home and can be installed in a shower space or mounted on the wall in your bathroom, with electrical requirements as needed. Thermo-therapy, which uses dry heat, increases the body temperature and to eliminate toxins and relax your sore muscles.


The Bain Ultra Vedana also has light therapy which helps to regulate the production of melatonin and serotonin. Ten minutes daily can really make a difference in your energy level, great for those long dark winters we have when you are longing for a little sunshine.


Trusted Regina experts share a tip on easy bathroom makeover ideas


This month at Decoist, we’ve featured a range of ideas for giving your home a fresh look in the new year. Last week we showcased an array of easy bedroom makeover ideas. Today we turn our attention to the powder room…

Are you planning a more detailed bathroom renovation? Next week we’ll present a checklist to guide you through a project of that magnitude. Today it’s all about the little things you can do to make a big difference. We’re talking about easy bathroom makeover ideas. From purchasing an exciting new product to engaging in a weekend DIY project, the possibilities are endless! Read on for details about how you can refresh your bathroom on any budget.

Create a New Look for the Walls


Let’s start with the walls. Since bathrooms are typically smaller spaces, a repainting project in this room doesn’t seem quite so overwhelming. If you want to keep it simple, try painting an accent wall. Or get fancy with some decorative painting, as shown in the pink and red powder room below. [from Lonny]

                        Striped walls in a colorful bathroom

No time for painting? Instead of embellishing the wall, embellish your shower with a bold curtain. The result is similar to the effect of a patterned accent wall–instant style! [from A Beautiful Mess]

                                 Floral shower curtain

Another easy way to make a big impact on your wall is to add a bold piece of artwork. Try selecting a piece that serves as a strong contrast to the room, or choose a selection that reinforces the look of your space, as shown with the marble-style artwork below. [from LaRue Architects]

Add a New Piece of Furniture 


A new piece of furniture can change the look of your powder room and provide extra storage. Are you dealing with a small space? Try a small table that can hold items such as towels and flowers… [from Lonny] 

                       Wire table in an iris-themed bathroom

Wire furniture and accent pieces are all the rage this season. Not only can they add a dose of color and geometry, they are see-through, which makes them appear to take up less space than they actually do! One hot item to consider? The Wire Basket from ferm LIVING, which can be displayed as-is or capped with a smoked oak top and turned into a handy table.

                        Wire basket for storage and style

No room for furniture on the floor? Try mounting a piece on the wall. A towel rack is a great way to add function and style to your space. Select a piece that reinforces the look of your powder room. Got a modern bathroom? Go contemporary with your towel rack. [from A Sense of Style]

                Modern towel rack in a contemporary bathroom

Refresh Your Space with Greenery


An easy way to refresh your space? Add a plant! Sometimes one touch of greenery can make all the difference. If you have a windowsill, place a plant in this light-filled area. [from Lonny]

                               Topiary in the window

If you love the crisp, fresh look of your all-white bathroom but you want to add an accent without detracting from the spa-like vibe, try greenery! Plants can add color and texture without interrupting your color scheme of choice. In the posh powder room below, there’s a glass shower, a chic tub and a chaise lounge. But it’s the plants that serve as true focal points. [from EuroCraft Interiors]

                Greenery in a contemporary bathroom

No counter space for a pot of succulents? Try a plant stand that takes up little space on the floor! This plant stand from ferm Living is constructed of iron with powder coating and features a tripod base…

                                  Modern plant stand

Change up Your Accessories


Another easy way to give your bathroom a new look is to refresh your accessories. Buy some new bath towels, and color-coordinate them with other items, such as a decanter and a decorative storage box… [from Lonny]

                    Refreshing blue bathroom accessories

If you were previously holding back on bold colors, try making a big statement with a vivid hue such as red. Pay attention to the background colors of your space as you select accent shades to complement the room. For example, colors such as red and yellow are ideal for black and white spaces. [photo by Gordon King Photography for Georgina Godin, via Houzz]

                   Red accents in a black and white bathroom

These Rubber Coated Orange Bath Accessories from CB2 are an affordable way to add vibrancy to your powder room. Bathroom accessories are practical, and we all need them. Why not have a little fun with these pieces? Coordinate your soap pump, canister and toothbrush in a vivid shade of red-orange…

                            Red-orange bath accessories

Give Your Medicine Cabinet a Makeover


Time to get practical. Really practical! If you go to the trouble of giving your powder room a makeover as you strategically arrange items such as bath products and wall art, shouldn’t you make sure your space is well-organized?… All of your hard work in the decorative realm shouldn’t be overshadowed by stray grooming products falling from medicine cabinet shelves every time you slide open that mirrored door. [from Lonny]

                          Bathroom with a medicine cabinet

Now is a great time to remove products you don’t need and organize the ones that remain. Toss old grooming items and transfer products from unsightly bottles to sleek containers, such as glass jars. A little effort can make a big difference, putting a smile on your face as you get ready for the day each morning and wash your face before bed each night. [from Grand Woodworking]

                            Organized medicine cabinets

The same strategy applies to bathroom closets and drawers. In addition to organizing your items, try jazzing up the inside of cabinets and compartments with a coat of paint or some colorful contact paper. It’s like unleashing a little ray of sunshine every time you open the drawer… [from De Meza + Architecture]

Colorful bathroom drawers



A new shower curtain. A potted plant. A handy towel rack. A fresh soap pump. An organized drawer. It’s the little things that make a big difference in your powder room. Give your bathroom a makeover for the new year and enjoy creating a rejuvenating space that’s as stylish as it is functional!





Bathfitter Regina a Regina Bathroom expert shares a tip on How to Achieve an All-White Bathroom with Bold Accents

A Bathroom Re-modeling Solution That Lasts a Lifetime...Done in Just One Day...Why spend tons of money - not to mention gruelling hours - on bathroom remodelling? Bath Fitter Regina offers all this, and absolutely outstanding will not be disappointed at any stage of the process ..from the friendly and welcoming receptionist, the knowledgeable and helpful sales staff, the efficient and talented the boss himself...they are all proud to do what they do, and strive to give you the best possible experience when choosing BATH FITTER.

Here they provide a Trusted Tip on the Regina Directory, they are REGINA BATHROOM EXPERTS 

Here they share a tip on How to Achieve an All-White Bathroom with Bold Accents:

Hanging a dramatic picture in an all-white bathroom is another great way to give your bathroom a burst of color. A way to save a little money is to find a picture hidden in the attic, or perhaps ask your child to draw a picture, frame it, and hang it in hopes to add some personal significance to the bathroom. What it lacks in artistic merit, it will have double of in sentimental meaning and “cute” factor.

Bath mats are another opportunity to add accent to an all-white bathroom. The great thing about bath mats is that they come in all different colors and patterns, and are relatively inexpensive, so you could rotate a variety of them to change the feel your shower set-up.

Integrating texture and dimension is a way to spruce up the bathroom without really adding any color at all. Wainscoting is one way to add dimension and an element of contrast to your bathroom walls. Also consider opting for a more textured bathtub, vanity, or backsplash if you’re keeping it white. Those decisions to add texture and dimension will keep your bathroom all-white and ensure that it does not feel too plain in the process.



The color white offers a great canvas on which you can dial up the accent color for a vibrant feel, or strip it down to all white for a calm, neutral feel. Creating an all-white bathroom is easy. The hard part is creating an all-white bathroom that packs a strong punch and feels like a dynamic room. To do that, you’ll need certain elements that are inter-changeable based on the seasons. You’ll need to pick your accent colors carefully to fit your theme. And you’ll need to consider adding dimension and texture to your white color scheme, lest your bathroom feel uber-plain. An all-white bathroom can still be bold and great with the right attention to detail.


Find BATHFITTER REGINA at 1743D Mc Ara Street , online Here or in the REGINA BATHROOMS Category on the Regina Directory...they are REGINA BATHROOM EXPERTS! 



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