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Our Trusted Regina Drapery expert gives us a tip on how to hang drapery on all window styles.

Trusted Regina Window Coverings and Blinds Experts  

How to hang drapery on all window styles.

There's no shame in admitting that some interior décor ideas are not as clear as others. Turns out, we could all use some ideas on how to hang drapery, so here is some advice from your window styling expert.

Where we begin: Consider the length and width of the fabric. We want to hang your drapes about 1/4-1/2” off the floor so they don't collect dust and dirt. This draws the eye up, making the room feel larger. For heavier fabrics, like linen, we add another 1/4- to 1/2-inch of spacing, as they will stretch over time.

When it comes to width, you want your drapery to look full - not like a flat sheet - when closed, so we suggest the width of the fabric should be one and a half to two times wider than the window you are covering.

Got all that?

On to drapery hardware! 

A properly installed drapery pair can make or break a room, so take heed: Our installers ensure that the rod is completely straight and level. If your rod is long, we use three brackets to secure it. If we are not screwing into a wall stud, we use a good wall anchor. Then, we hang the top of your drapery fabric against the bottom edge of your rod. Ta-da!

While proper installation is relatively straightforward for square windows, certain special cases can be tricky, that is why we offer professional installation for all your drapery purchases.

Are you a retirement savings late starter? Our Trusted Regina partner H&A Financial Advisors have a tip for you!

H&A Financial Advisors serve individuals, families and business in the Regina area. Their primary goal is to help each client meet their unique financial goals. H&A Financial Advisors are Trusted Regina Financial Experts.

Retirement Savings Late Starter?  

H&A Financial Advisors have a tip for you.

Harry and Sally both earned high incomes and liked to live the good life. They leased higher end European cars, took two-week exotic vacations almost every year, and lived in a house much larger than they truly needed. To accomplish this lifestyle, they put off retirement savings. Now in their forties, Harry and Sally are realizing they have some catching up to do. Listed below are a few things to consider:

Procrastination or bad breaks may have derailed a savings plan. Now is the time to make savings a priority.

Pay off the house - Avoiding mortgage payments in retirement can dramatically reduce Harry and Sally's living expenses. They could even consider downsizing the house now and free up more cash for savings. If they still have a mortgage payment as they approach their chosen retirement age, it would be good to have payments end at the same time they retire. This can be made possible by making additional principal payments each month or a lump sum yearly.

Plan to work longer - Putting off retirement a few years can have a dramatic effect on retirement savings. For each additional year worked, Harry and Sally gain an extra year of savings and delay one more year of having to live off those savings. By working part-time or seasonally for a while in retirement, Harry and Sally can reduce the amount they need to draw from their savings. This can give their money a chance to grow some more.

Take Canada Pension Plan (CPP) early and save it - CPP retirement benefits can be taken as early as age 60 or delayed until as late as age 70. If Harry and Sally take their benefits early and save them, it makes for larger savings that could be paid out on early death. These additional payments may be lost if income from CPP is postponed.

Avoid investing too aggressively - Those waiting too long to start saving for retirement may be more prone to 'gamble' with their savings on speculative investments. This approach is more likely to result in big losses.

Avoid investing too conservatively - Some late starters may be inclined to save their money in cash or money market type investment vehicles. The problem with this strategy is that their modest savings will be ravaged more by inflation over time.

By making a few adjustments now, Harry and Sally may be able to avoid the shock of a forced lifestyle change when they retire.

Questions about Retirement Savings?  

H&A Financial Advisors are Trusted Regina Financial Experts.  Check them out under the Regina Financial Services Category.