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Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions your Trusted Regina Turf and Lawn Experts share a tip on RTF Water Saver Canada

Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions in Regina is a family owned business that has helped their customers achieve sod quality lawns at less than half the price.They also do conventional seeding and are suppliers of all types of turf grass seed, native grass seed and low maintenance grass seed products.

Rapid Lawn - The EASY and ECONOMICAL way to GROW GRASS

Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions are your Trusted Regina Turf and Lawn Experts! 

Here they share a tip on RTF Water Saver Canada Open for Business in Vancouver: 


RTF Water Saver Canada is Open for Business in Vancouver

There’s no doubt about it, homeowners and landscapers alike in Western Canada want new eco-safe solutions when it comes to lawn care.

This is why RTF Water Saver Canada, distributors of RTF Water Saver Grass Seed, are becoming more active in the West, and now have a new locale in Vancouver to conduct even more business with consumers eager to make a positive difference for the environment.

RTF stands for Rhizomatous Tall Fescue, and is now the rave right across the country.

Just ask Monty Dobson, the owner of Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions and Erosion Control in White City, SK, who says that the new RTF Water Saver Grass Seed “is the best in the west.”



RTF Water Saver Grass SeedRTF Water Saver Grass Seed

“For the past few years I have been trying all sorts of different seed products out there, but they didn’t do what they claimed to do and they took forever to establish,” says Dobson. “My customers in the end were not happy, and in business this is not a good thing. So, I recently did some research and discovered information about RTF Water Saver Grass Seed, and the rest is history.”

Dobson says his company has used the new RTF Water Saver Grass Seed for a large number of residential and commercial products. All his customers are more than pleased with the results.

“For a seed it sure does some amazing things,” says Dobson. “It germinates and emerges very quickly. RTF Water Saver Grass Seed makes a lawn look like a sod lawn.”



Dobson feels that this new seed is the wave of the future for Western Canada. While a pesticide ban may soon become a reality in Saskatchewan, RTF is one step ahead of the game for his company and others. As well, RTF is beneficial from a water conservation standpoint as the roots of the seed go as deep as six feet, so it’s more of a water sipper.

“This is an aggressive grass seed: it chokes out weeds and insects hate it. It’s a great fit around here. With using RTF Water Saver Grass Seed, it means using less pesticides and less water. It’s innovative, indeed.” 

He adds, “I think RTF has so much to offer. Sure, sod farms are great. But lawns I am prepping are going to look nicer with a seed like RTF. It's environmentally friendly too and will be a hit in the West.”

The seed is also getting plenty of media attention. Carson Arthur, renowned landscape architect, just recommended that Canadians should use this new seed during his recent broadcast on CityLine TV Talk Show ‘How to Save Water and Cash in Your Garden’. RTF Water Saver Grass Seed was also recently featured as a latest and greatest must have product by Owen Reeves, a gardening expert on the Marilyn Denis Show (CTV).

Ryan Streatch, National Sales Agent and Spokesperson for RTF Water Saver Canada, is elated now to have a strong presence in the West.

“Western Canadians are looking for new solutions in a more hyper-environmental world,” he says. “While new environmental regulations exist in the lawn care industry right across Canada, RTF Water Waver Grass Seed serves as a new and viable solution.”

He then adds, “In our pesticide-free environment, consumers are looking for products that offer resilience to insects and disease. RTF's high content of endophyte helps reduce damage caused by pests. Bugs do not like it, but lawns and sports fields respond well and stay healthy.” 

Streatch recently even launched a new campaign to educate Canadians on the new solutions out there. Called Save Our Lawns, the campaign is on Facebook as a voice for homeowners and professionals to engage and be informed. Professionals in the landscape industry have already joined Streatch’s cause and they too want to educate homeowners on new lawn solutions, including RTF. Green and healthy lawns after all do play a very critical part in our everyday life. Not only in our peace-of-mind, but also in safety, economic and eco-benefits; from C02 sequestration, water filtration to energy savings. 

 Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions has several tips to help you with your landscaping.

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Trusted Regina Team brag about Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions your Trusted Regina Landscape & Yard experts on the Regina directory works for YOU the public..we work extremely hard to find the Trusted businesses we feature on the Regina Directory and we do all the running around and checking on those businesses so YOU don't have to other directory OR service out there offers the public the unique service that we do at Trusted and we take our job very seriously.

Lets tell you why Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions  are the latest Regina business to be Given the Thumbs up on the Regina Directory of Excellence!  


Since 2008, Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions and Erosion Control has helped their customers achieve Sod Quality Lawns at less than half the price. A family business based in Regina Saskatchewan, Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding uses latest in hydroseeding and erosion control technologies and methodologies, offering solutions for all types and sizes of projects;  commercial developments to acreages and residential lawns. They also do conventional seeding and are dealers of all types of grass seed and Eco-Lawn products.   

Are you are interested in a low maintenance lawn? Less watering, less mowing? Then Monte from Rapid Lawn Hydroseeding is your guy!

  • The lawn quality is much healthier, greener and longer lasting than sodding or hand seeding applications.
  • The root establishment is grown deeper into the soil and avoids the shock of being transplanted into foreign soils, which is what occurs with sod methods.
  • Hydroseeding typically yields superior results the first time it is installed and the seeds are more resistant to external problems because it has been adjusted to its present soil conditions.
  • Hydroseeded soils hold moisture better than sod or hand seeded types, therefore the seeds can germinate quicker.
  • Additionally, hydroseeding includes fewer weed seeds, no layering of soils, and incorporates a tackifier coagulant that will not experience wash out.

Here is what some of their customers are saying:

" I love watching the neighbours stop in their tracks to look at the grass, everyone is shocked at how fast and full it's coming in and at 3 weeks we've cut it 2x now! I can't wait to see it in the spring :)"  Carmen Terry

 "If I could give Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions a 12 out of 10, I would! Monte came to the house, sprayed the front and back yard, with a smile on his face the whole time. Just a really down to earth great guy. After the job was done, he came back to check the yard all the time just to make sure the seed was growing nicely. I had messed up one part of the yard and Monte came and patched it up no problem. Free of charge, even though it was my fault! Monte really went out of his way to make sure we had a beautiful looking yard. I have recommended them to many people in the neighborhood, and they are also very happy with the finished product."- Gayle Uhrich, White City  

Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions has several tips to help you with your landscaping.
Connect with Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions on Facebook here


The Trusted Regina Team is proud to give them the Thumbs up!


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