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Trusted Regina Insurance Provider Campbell & Haliburton Insurance Explain Auto Insurance

Trusted Regina Insurance experts at Campbell and Haliburton Insurance Inc have been in the community for over 50 years. They know it is customer service and knowledge that counts when you are in need of an insurance company in Regina. Campbell & Haliburton Insurance,, dedicated insurance brokers in Regina can assist you with finding the plan that works best for you. In their latest Trusted Regina Insurance Tip, they explain all the ins and outs of auto insurance.

So you’ve moved to Saskatchewan. Fantastic! From one transplant to another let me say “Welcome!”  It is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. But can I be honest? Sometimes our auto insurance can seem just a little confusing. When I moved here years ago I was confused... and I’m in insurance! Let me walk you through what auto insurance terms you will hear most often as well as what they mean.

Auto Insurance Terms


One of the most common terms you will hear in the world of Saskatchewan auto insurance is “SGI.”  SGI stands for Saskatchewan Government Insurance. This is our provincial auto insurance company. They started back in 1945 and are still going strong! Through the SGI Auto Fund, they are responsible for things such as issuing driver’s licenses and providing you plate insurance and registration. They are also the ones you will turn to if you have an insurance claim. In order to get a driver’s license or to plate your vehicle, you will need to go through SGI. To do this you will normally need to go to a Motor License Issuer. Okay, so what is an issuer?

Motor License Issuer

There are motor license issuing offices in virtually every city, town, and village in Saskatchewan. Larger centers such as Regina or Saskatoon actually have quite a few. But even most smaller towns and villages have at least one. To find the office nearest you go to:

The issuer's office is where you will go to actually renew your driver’s license or to register the plate for your vehicle and to get insurance. Issuing offices are run independently, each having its own staff, hours of operations, and locations, however, each one has the same strict guidelines that they need to follow. SGI clearly spells out what can and cannot be done and how it is to be done. They also provide training and ongoing support to their issuers. This protects you because it means the advice that you receive at one issuer's office should be the same as what you receive at another no matter where you are in the province.

You will occasionally hear people referring to their issuing office as “SGI” as in “I’m at SGI getting my plates renewed.” That’s not strictly true, but issuers are certainly agents of SGI and acting on SGI’s behalf.

Driver's License

In order to operate a motor vehicle in Saskatchewan, you need to have a valid Driver’s License. The license you use to drive. It also spells out what type of vehicle you can drive. Your license will show if you are able to drive a car or light vehicle, a motorcycle, school bus, or large transport truck. In order to obtain a driver’s license, you will need to pass a test that has both a written and a driving component. Obtaining a license for a higher class of vehicle requires higher requirements still. More specialized driving training is required in order to operate semi-trucks and motorcycles. People, such as myself, who have moved to Saskatchewan from other provinces or countries may be eligible to have their driver’s license transferred. Your motor license issuer will be able to tell you exactly what documentation you need in order to do this.


When you register a vehicle in Saskatchewan you also purchase insurance, often called “plate insurance.” This is different from other provinces. In most cases, Saskatchewan’s plate insurance provides you with $200,000 of third-party liability and with $700 deductibles. There are exceptions to this, such as trailers, snowmobiles, and some large trucks have different limits. But for most cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans this is what the plates will provide.   


A deductible is an amount that you need to pay in the event of a claim. If you are at fault in an accident, if you are the victim of a hit and run, or if you have the misfortune of a hail claim or have your vehicle vandalized, you would be responsible to pay your deductible. In most cases, the deductible that you get with your plate insurance is $700. Your vehicle registration will show what your deductible is.

Auto Insurance: Liability 

Your plate insurance also provides you, in most situations, with $200,000 of coverage. Liability insurance provides coverage if you cause damage to someone else’s property or if you injure someone else. For example, if you were driving and hit another vehicle, your $200,000 of liability would pay to cover their damages. $200,000 is the minimum required by law in Saskatchewan.

All Saskatchewan plated vehicles are insured through SGI and carry basic plate coverage. You are able to have your driver’s license or plate insurance renewed at any SGI issuing office in the province.

Extra Insurance

Some people choose to purchase additional insurance. For many people driving with $200,000 of liability insurance, while sufficient to satisfy the law, is just too low. They want to increase that to $2,000,000, or $5,000,000 or even more. Others want to lower their deductibles. For them, while paying $700 is not enough to bankrupt them, it is enough to be an inconvenience. So they purchase an additional policy to lower their deductible. Others travel distances on gravel roads and are concerned about damage to their windshield. Still, others who purchase a brand new vehicle and want to protect their investment with replacement cost.

These are all additional coverages that are available. However, lower deductibles, higher liability, or replacement cost coverage are not part of your basic plate insurance coverage. For these, you need a separate policy. While you are able to renew your plates or driver’s license at any SGI issuing office, your extra insurance would be renewed only through the location it was originally purchased from.

Terms, Terms, Terms

Here is where you will hear a number of terms thrown around. Auto Pak, Package Policy, or Auto Extension Policy are among the most common. Some of them are specific names that specific insurance companies use. Auto Pak, for example, is a term that is specific to SGI CANADA.

Wait? What? SGI CANADA? I thought you said SGI?

SGI through their Auto Fund is responsible for basic plate insurance. SGI CANADA is an entirely separate company from SGI Auto Fund. SGI CANADA is a private insurance company that provides home insurance, commercial insurance, and additional auto insurance. While it shares part of the name and is a sister company, it is nonetheless, a separate company from SGI.

Auto Insurance, So Many Choices

Consumers have a choice of if they want additional insurance or not and if so, which insurance company they want to use to provide it to them. While the basic plate insurance is always through SGI and is a mandatory requirement in order to operate a motor vehicle, the additional insurance can be from one of a number of companies. While you can go to any motor license issuer to plate your vehicle or renew your driver’s license, you purchase any additional insurance through an insurance agent or broker.

Broker or Motor License Issuer?

Insurance offices often have two separate functions. Many of them have a motor license issuer designation. This means that you can do the majority of your SGI transactions there. But they also have an independent broker component. While that might sound confusing, it can actually make your life easy with one-stop shopping.

How Does Auto Insurance Work?

Say you purchased a vehicle and need to insure it and you come to our office at Campbell & Haliburton. The first thing that you will do is speak with one of our motor license issuers to assist you in plating the vehicle. Once that is done you have purchased the basic insurance required to drive. There is no need to go any further if that is all you are wanting... However, you may want to head down the hall to one of our brokers who can talk with you about any additional coverages that you might need, whether lower deductibles, replacement cost, or higher liability. They will provide you with a quote and if you agree you can purchase the additional insurance without ever need to leave the building.

Now as you walk out the door, you do so with the assurance that you are covered for what auto insurance you need. If you don’t have an insurance broker and want to talk to someone who is truly passionate about your insurance, contact us at Campbell & Haliburton Insurance. We would love to talk to you.

- Daryl Arendt, Office Manager & Licensed Insurance Broker

Our Trusted Regina Insurance Agents at Campbell & Haliburton have your best interests and safety in mind and our commitment to customer service is one of the pillars of our business. We also know insurance inside and out, so please contact us for all of your insurance needs and we will be more than happy to help ensure what you value most is protected.

Campbell & Haliburton's doors opened in 1957. Since then, they have seen run-away inflation, recessions, and now, a global pandemic. Through it all, their doors have remained open as they are committed to providing outstanding service to you. No matter what the next years and decades bring they have committed to continue to stay open to serve you.

Campbell and Haliburton Insurance are a Trusted Regina Insurance provider.

They offer many different insurance policies to protect the most important areas of your life including:



For Release - January 26th, 2021 at 10 am SASKATOON, SK  


S & E Trusted Online Directories is a multi-award-winning Saskatchewan marketing company headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Founded in 2011 by local award-winning entrepreneur Sara Wheelwright, it has a local online directory division, that includes and a, In addition, there is a full-service marketing agency, . Our company focus is supporting local businesses operated with integrity as a priority. 

FIX IT UP is owned by Brad Fekula and Dwayne Melcher. Brad has over a decade of marketing expertise at Cubbon Advertising, primarily dealing with Saskatchewan businesses. Dwayne is the owner of Melcher Media, a previously Trusted Regina website company and a highly respected Saskatchewan tech agency specializing in software and virtual reality (VR) development.  The Fix It Up software allows consumers a convenient and reliable way to save time and money when looking for a local quote. The FIX IT UP quote software was created by the developers at Melcher Media to revolutionize the way quotes are provided. 


In 2020 Trusted and FIX IT Up entered into a mutually beneficial legal partnership agreement with the view to providing more support to local businesses in Saskatchewan.  On the surface the 2 companies may seem to be in competition as local web-based directories; but in fact, on closer inspection, it became obvious that they instead complement each other's activities. They share a common goal, to provide the best solutions and advertising value to their clients in the Saskatchewan services industry. 

The Trusted Directories partner with a select and restricted number of locally owned businesses. These businesses fall into 40 specific categories and most are based in and around  Saskatoon and Regina. These businesses are mostly service providers, and to become partners they must meet a unique set of standards, pass a Trusted qualification process, and sign a contract to commit to upholding specific standards of service ‘ The Trusted Guarantees’.  Trusted then promotes the partners individually and as part of the ‘Trusted Community’. Essentially, we sell the Trusted Partners as our only ‘product‘ to the local marketplace via a comprehensive marketing campaign - including, but not limited to,  billboards, radio, social media, CPC campaigns, event marketing, sponsorship, and more. This gives the partners significant exposure in their local marketplace, drives quality leads, and helps their SEO. Trusted also contributes time and money to help the partner's community support efforts, and the Trusted community holds each other accountable as a group of like-minded, quality-driven, locally owned businesses. 

FIX IT UP directories on the other hand, primarily provides a comprehensive quoting platform for local service providers in over 220+ categories. A detailed and industry-specific online quoting system saves service providers significant time. In addition, building such a platform/feature on their own websites would be a significant cost that most service providers would not invest in. FIX IT UP businesses pay a very small lead fee, which they only pay if they are selected for a job they quote. The benefit for consumers and corporations is that they can provide all their information in one easy-to-use platform and await quotes from local service providers.  This is a managed process and also saves consumers time shopping around and the frustration of businesses not getting back to enquiries in a timely manner. 

The Trusted/FIX IT UP partnership involves the following elements:

1. Integration of the FIX IT UP quote software into the Trusted Directories clouded database platform. 

This means that Trusted Partners will be able to receive detailed quotes from local consumers who want a Trusted local service provider. This saves the consumer time and as the partners have to respond in a timely fashion customers are not left ‘ hanging ‘ waiting for a reply. In addition, they can request a quote at their convenience as our platform is open for business 24/ 7!

A bonus for the Trusted partners, is that the quote link and landing page is unique to each business. This means they will not be competing with other businesses in their category that are signed up as a FIX IT UP provider.

See a listing example here: 

2. Trusted Saskatoon & Regina Partners who are listed on Fix It Up will be highlighted as Trusted on Fix It Up.

This differentiates Trusted Partners and recognizes the steps they have taken to invest in their integrity.
It also shines a spotlight on their consistently high standards of quality work and customer service and gives them an advantage in the selection process.

3. FIX IT UP operates on a ‘ typical online directory model’.
They aim to sign up as many businesses as possible and charge a very small fee per lead.  After staffing and development costs this does not allow for much capital to invest in local marketing to drive consumers to use the platform, especially when it comes to mass media like print, broadcast or billboard.  

The Trusted Directories model is different, they charge more for an annual fee and severely restrict the number of businesses in each category to offer much more individual promotion, marketing value, and personalized service for their partners. They appreciate the quality of the FIX IT UP quoting software and in return for integration they are committed to promoting the feature and their FIX IT UP Partnership as part of their ongoing marketing strategy in the cities they serv. 

The owners of Trusted and FIX IT UP believe that local businesses like themselves should actively seek out collaboration opportunities in order to become more successful. We appreciate each other’s strengths, and we are proud to enter into a partnership as two established and recognized leaders in the Saskatchewan marketing industry. A community whose tech sector collaborates is a valuable asset to the province and we believe is crucial for the success of Sask tech as a whole. 

Support local and we all win!

Robert MacKay Trusted Regina Real Estate Lawyer shares a Tip about Title Insurance

It’s an exciting time – the old house is sold, the new one is ready, and all that’s left is the move…..oh wait – not quite yet! There’s all that legal “stuff” to deal with now….signatures….titles to be given…and pages and pages of documents that need to be signed before the key is in your hand!!! And to top it all off – who really knows a good real estate lawyer?

MacKay & McLean provides the professional services of a large Regina law firm, with the intimate attention of a small firm. The legal process can be daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. MacKay & McLean is with you every step of the way.


Title fraud is approximately a C$1.5 billion dollar a year industry and growing. This has given rise to new products being made available to you to help protect yourself. One such product is title insurance.

Initially, title insurance was used in Saskatchewan only when a surveyor's certificate was not available. This is because it insures against any defects that would have been revealed if a surveyor's certificate or real property report had been obtained. People opted for title insurance because it cost less than a new survey. However, title insurance protects you against much more and it is especially good for people buying used residential real estate, rental properties or commercial real estate.

Like other insurance products, you pay a premium to the insurer. Usually, this is a one time fee. Different insurers structure their pricing differently and there are policies for owners and policies for lenders, so rates vary. The premiums for condominiums are usually less. The fees for commercial transactions are typically greater.

For the one time premium you get protection for as long as you own the property and it protects your estate in the event of death. The amount of protection is up to twice the fair market value of your property, at the time the insurance was obtained.

Lawyers will usually charge an administration fee of $75 to $150 to provide the appropriate data and information to the insurer.Typically, title insurance is obtained through your lawyer's office when you buy a property.  "Existing Home Owner's" insurance is also available at any time.  Some insurers in Saskatchewan, like Co-Operator's, are now providing the product.

It is important to remember that lawyers do not receive any compensation from the title insurance companies for recommending or assisting you with obtaining title insurance, i.e. we are not sales people for the title insurers and we do not receive trailer fees or commissions from the insurers.

In fact, a lawyer's failure to discuss title insurance with you may constitute professional negligence and that lawyer may be liable to you if you suffer damages from something that title insurance would have protected you against. In other provinces, for example, Ontario, lawyers are obligated by their professional code of conduct to thoroughly discuss title insurance with you.

I recommend title insurance because I believe that most times it is in your best interests to have it. At the very least, you should have the opportunity to make an informed decision.

The four main title insurance companies in Canada are: (1) First Canadian Title Insurance, (2) Stewart Title Guarantee Company, (3) Title Plus, and (4) Chicago Title Insurance Company. For more information on title insurance, its cost and benefits, visit the following websites: First Canadian Title; Stewart Title Guarantee Company; Title Plus; and, Chicago Title.

Some things are better to have and not need, than need and not have. Title insurance is one those things.

*Always check with the insurer to see what they cover and what they do not. Make an informed decision.

For advice, Robert MacKay's team provides professional, personalized service and with their assistance, you can rest assured that your real estate transactions will be handled with the utmost consideration and care.

They  provide a full range of legal services including:

  • Real Estate & Mortgages
  • Wills & Estates
  • Family Law & Divorce
  • Commercial & Corporate Law
  • Litigation & Personal Injury

Trusted Regina Law firm tip on grounds for divorce in Saskatchewan


Untying the Knot: Grounds for Divorce in Saskatchewan: 



Anyone who has gone through a divorce will likely tell you it was a difficult time for them mentally, emotionally, and financially. Understandably, clients often seek advice at the first signs of trouble in their marital relationships. One question I’ve heard repeatedly in my short time practicing family law is “how do I get a divorce?”

Divorce in Saskatchewan is governed by federal legislation called the Divorce Act. Although this blog entry refers to Saskatchewan, the Divorce Act applies to all of Canada. In Saskatchewan, only the Court of Queen’s Bench has jurisdiction to deal with a Petition for Divorce, and in order to get a divorce, one must make an application to the Court. There are many common misconceptions about what a couple and/or spouse must prove in order to get a divorce, but the truth is there is only one ground for divorce in Canada: marital breakdown.

What is “marital breakdown” and how does one go about establishing that a marital breakdown has occurred? The Divorce Act sets out three ways to establish marital breakdown:

1. Living separate and apart for one year

This is, by far, the most common ground for divorce, and is the easiest to prove. Spouses are considered to have been separated for one year when they have lived separate and apart for a period of 12 months. Although the period of separation must be uninterrupted, a brief reconciliation during the year (up to 90 days) will not interfere with the calculation of time, as long as the reconciliation is unsuccessful.

2. Adultery

If you choose to seek a divorce on the basis of adultery, you must establish that adultery occurred. You must also swear that the adultery was not condoned by you, and that it was not permitted or invented simply as a means to obtaining a quick divorce. Note that adultery can be difficult to prove if your spouse is unwilling to simply admit to it in an affidavit.

3. Cruelty

Finally, a divorce may be granted in circumstances in which your spouse has treated you with intolerable physical or mental cruelty. If your spouse has treated you in such a way that it would be unreasonable or intolerable for you to continue to live with them, the Court may order a divorce. On a petition for divorce on the basis of cruelty, the Court will consider the effect of the conduct in question on you, the victim, in order to determine whether the behaviour in question constitutes cruelty.



Please note that the divorce itself is only one issue a couple faces when their marriage breaks down. Other issues that arise when a couple separates include the division of family property, custody and access regarding children, child support, and spousal support. If you choose to seek a divorce, on any of these grounds, it is best to consult a lawyer who can guide you through the procedure of obtaining a divorce and settling the corollary issues that arise when a couple separates.



This post is for information purposes only and should not be taken as legal opinions on any specific facts or circumstances. Counsel should be consulted concerning your own situation and any specific legal questions you may have.

See lawyers listinsg on the Regina directory under Legal & Professional services.


Robert MacKay Trusted Regina Real Estate Lawyer shares Pilot Butte homeowner legal issues

It’s an exciting time – the old house is sold, the new one is ready, and all that’s left is the move…..oh wait – not quite yet!! There’s all that legal “stuff” to deal with now….signatures….titles to be given…and pages and pages of documents that need to be signed before the key is in your hand!!! And to top it all off – who really knows a good real estate lawyer?

MacKay and McLean provides the professional services of a large Regina law firm, with the intimate attention of a small firm. The legal process can be daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. MacKay & McLean is with you every step of the way.


Pilot Butte homeowner considers lawsuit over backyard drainage ditch:

REGINA – Stephanie Gabber’s excitement over buying a new home in Pilot Butte quickly wore off when she tried to develop her backyard and found a drainage ditch running through the property.

“Had I known, I would never have bought here, ever,” she said.

Gabber bought the home in May. She planned to put up a fence and lay down sod. When she started the work, she was told to stop because it would interfere with the easement.

“I bought it (the property) so my dogs could play, my kids could play. That’s not what I have.”

Gabber said the easement wasn’t disclosed to her before buying the property.

The town said it’s a registered land title, but admitted to a discrepancy with Gabber’s property lines on the Saskatchewan Land Surveyor’s Real Property Report.

Water works manager, Chaun McCurdy, said the town is moving the ditch one meter closer to the edge of her property, but unfortunately that’s the best they can do.

“Without it there to catch that water and direct it away, it will eventually go and fill up other people’s backyards,” said McCurdy.



Robert MacKay with MacKay & McLean Barristers & Solicitors said the situation highlights the importance of having a team in your corner when buying a home. That includes a realtor, lawyer and mortgage broker.

“There’s a lot going on in a transaction and it could be easy to miss,” said MacKay.

He also recommends homeowners always invest in title insurance.

“If you have this old survey and got a newer one that says the easement is here, but it should be here, what does that do to the fair market value of your property? Well, with title insurance you may have a claim,” explained MacKay.

However, Gabber is prepared to go a step further and file a lawsuit against the municipality of Pilot Butte.

“I’m stressed beyond belief. Mentally, it takes a toll. Financially, it takes a huge toll.”

McCurdy said he’s spoken to the land developer and home builder to ensure anyone buying property in the new development is fully aware of the easement.

 Robert MacKay's team provides professional, personalized service and with their assistance, you can rest assured that your real estate transactions will be handled with the utmost consideration and care.

They  provide a full range of legal services including:

  • Real Estate & Mortgages
  • Wills & Estates
  • Family Law & Divorce
  • Commercial & Corporate Law
  • Litigation & Personal Injury


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