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Trusted Regina Caterers Crave answer the Trusted Facebook fans Wedding & Catering questions- Part 2

Wether you need a Regina caterer for a wedding, special event or a business events, Crave catering menus have something for everyone and they can come to you ...or perhaps you can host the event at Crave in one of their many impressive private rooms- they have many different options, intimate small dining rooms, large meeting rooms or the main event room that can hold up to 120 people for canapes and cocktails, and Crave have everything you need to make polished presentations !

CRAVE are your TRUSTED REGINA CATERER Weddings & Events Show - Questions for Crave Kitchen & Wine Bar

Part: 2

Q: Jan Knight: In your opinion, which do you find guests prefer - a traditional sit down meal or a buffet style meal?

A: The trend is definitely changing when it comes to weddings. We at Crave have a very unique venue that is very conducive the cocktail style champagne reception with canapés and hors d’oeurves and therefore the majority of our wedding couples now opt for this style of reception. I think there are a couple of reasons for this.

  • First, because we can really only accommodate up to 60 guests for a traditional sit down dinner many weddings automatically fall into the category of stand-up reception simply based on numbers.
  • Second, couples these days often don’t want to deal with the pressures associated with the traditional style weddings aka the seating charge, the head table, the set program, hounding people to RSVP, etc. They just want all of their family and friends to get together in one place and have a great time.

At Crave we often say you are hosting a house party but don’t have to worry about doing any of the cooking or cleaning. People always have a great time.

That being said, we still host numerous smaller weddings that want the traditional style platted dinner - these are great too. The nice thing about our venue is that our Main Event Room really can only hold 60 guests for this style of event so it is always an intimate experience for guests. I would say we have a nice balance between the two right now but the trend is shifting away from the traditional style sit down dinner.  


Q: Wanda Goertzen Bedell: If I book a package for catering and confirm numbers, if there are any leftovers, am I allowed to take them? Some venues do not allow it, why is that?

A: Depending on what items are left over we do allow you to take them with you. Food safety regulations determine what items can go and what items must stay. Public health has set certain regulations when it comes to publically served food. When food is sent out from the kitchen certain items (seafood/meat for example) are only allowed to sit out for a certain amount of time before having to be taken away because they risk spoiling.

These regulations are set in place for public safety. We would hate for one of our guests to take home food from our establishment and get sick from it. We can only control the food in our own establishment. 


Q: Cheryl Slowski: Do you cater to venues other than your building, an outdoor venue for example?

A: The short answer to this question is no. However, in the restaurant industry there is always an asterix associated with the word no. At Crave we are already trying to balance two separate businesses – Crave Everyday and Crave Events – when we look at adding a third component to our business, off site catering, we risk stretching ourselves too thin.

Off site catering requires certain equipment and man power that at this time we don’t have. We do have the capability of running an offsite stand-up style wedding reception with canapés and hors d’oeuvres in certain facilities that have the necessary equipment (refrigeration and ovens being the important pieces to the puzzle) but we are currently unable to run a stand-alone off-site catered event without the right facility.

We are always up for new challenges and detest saying no to things so the long answer is that anything is possible as long as we feel comfortable that we can deliver beyond our customer’s expectation.  


Q: Chelsea Derkach: Do you provide plates and cutlery? I won’t use paper plates at my wedding.

A: Yes, Crave provides all of the catering supplies necessary for a private function including plates, silverware, glassware, linens, tables, chairs, chafing dishes, bar, bartenders, and wait staff. We always use real glass plates and silverware at weddings unless otherwise requested.  


Q: Jana Bendelin: Can I get married at Crave?

A: Come 2014 we will no longer be hosting ceremonies themselves at Crave. While the ceremonies are always beautiful and we like being a part of them we have found that hosting ceremonies doesn’t allow us to prepare the space as well as we would like for the reception that follows. When couples use our Main Event Room for ceremonies it requires us to flip the space and displace the guests as we set up for the reception. We want to insure that your day and reception are perfect and want to be able to take the necessary time to insure that our space is perfect and ready for you.  


You can find them on Facebook here!


Trusted Regina Hotel Best Western Seven Oaks answers the Trusted Facebook fans questions about weddings & events part 1

This Trusted Regina Hotel is the prime hotel in the North part of the city of Regina. Conveniently located just 10 minutes from Regina’s International Airport and 5 minutes from downtown Regina. The hotel features 157 spacious guest rooms, including 3 family suites that feature extra room for your comfort. Their Indoor Sea slide Courtyard pool is fun for everyone, featuring a heated swimming pool and 240-foot water slide for all guests to enjoy. BEST WESTERN Seven Oaks hotel is proud to have the only Ricky’s Restaurant and Lounge in Regina just down the hall from your guest room; a great place for a quiet conversation or a late night snack. The hotel is considered one of the Best Family Fun Hotels in Regina Saskatchewan.

Best Western Seven Oaks are a Trusted Regina Family Hotel


 Trusted Regina Weddings & Events Show

Questions for Best Western Seven Oaks:


Part 1:


Q: Amanda Trevors: What are your rates for 100 people.

A:  Rates depend on the amount of rooms needed and date requested and if it falls during a big event the rates are more expensive.  Please contact the hotel directly to get rates. ( 


Q:  Neils Thor: What are people looking for in a good hotel?

A:  Doing your wedding, remember it is a onetime event in your life. Look for the following items:





· Experience 


Q: Andrea Neustaeter: What are your wedding packages for rooms? (honeymoon suite, guest rooms, etc)

A: Andrea please send us your e-mail address and I can send you the wedding package. 


Q: Douglas Allan Richardson: Was just at a wedding where they rented blackjack tables, guests bought chips to play with, and the $ went to bride & groom can you do that there?

A: Activities can be done.  It has to be something legal.  Apparently the gambling portion of this event is not allowed outside of the casion by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authorities.   


Q: Cheryl Bloch: Can you bring in external suppliers for meals?  

A:  No food and beverage is allowed in any hotel.  Hotel is responsible for the food quality.  The guest does not know that you brought the food and if anyone gets sick then it is the responsibility of the hotel.  That is the reason that it is not allowed worldwide. 



Trusted Regina Caterers Crave answer the Trusted Facebook fans wedding & catering questions- Part 1

Wether you need a Regina caterer for a wedding, special event or a business events, Crave catering menus have something for everyone and they can come to you ...or perhaps you can host the event at Crave in one of their many impressive private rooms- they have many different options, intimate small dining rooms, large meeting rooms or the main event room that can hold up to 120 people for canapes and cocktails, and Crave have everything you need to make polished presentations !

CRAVE are your TRUSTED REGINA CATERER - Trusted Weddings & Events Show - Questions  Crave Kitchen & Wine Bar

Part: 1 

Q: Darla Hassien: Are the days of roast beef & tater buffets over when it comes to wedding events? Or are people still very traditional in their cuisine picks.

A: The traditional style buffet or 3-course platted meals are certainly not obsolete. We at Crave have some great selections when it comes to those more traditional style dishes – Flat Iron streak with port reduction or roasted chicken supreme with candied shallot glaze for example.

We also cater to the likings of those couples who are looking for something a little different. At Crave we are all about food!

Chef Jonathan and his team have put together some fantastic items that really showcase their abilities and ingenuity and people are really responding to it. When it comes to a plated meal chef offers the classic chicken and beef but also spices things up a bit with dishes like a pan seared catfish served with crispy polenta, grainy mustard reduction and shrimp relish or the always popular tomato and gin soup. There are also items such as bacon and pecan roasted brussel sprouts, and caraway + maple glazed carrots, or quinoa + blue cheese bread pudding on the buffet menu that have gone over quite well. We have taken the traditional basics and added our own twist to them. 

When it comes to the stand-up style cocktail reception with canapés and hors d’oeurves chef offers a wide variety of appetizers. Chef Jonathan has great experience and love for the art of charcuterie and antipasti. He spends countless hours preparing and perfecting items like house made mortadella with pistachio, slow braised rabbit rillettes, and organic vegetable antipasti – certainly some of my favorite items and ones that people have given us great feedback on.

Chef is also great about customizing menus for private events. We have numerous special requests from wedding couples for special items that they want on their wedding day. We love nothing more than to be able to provide those items for them. I think we have a good mix of those who are looking for the more traditional style cuisine picks but we are giving more and more guests who are looking to explore new cuisines which is always exciting for us.  


Q: Amanda Trevors: What are your rates for catering 100 people?

A: A 100 person wedding at Crave would fall into the category of stand-up style cocktail reception with canapés and hors d’oeurves – don’t worry, your guests will feel like they’ve eaten a full 3 course meal. We like to say you are having appetizers as dinner.

  • For food for a stand-up reception you are looking at $25.00-$35.00 per person for dinner style appetizers depending on the style of food you are looking for.
  • When you go with a $35.00 per person price point it gives you an opportunity to customize the menu with our chef for items that might not be offered on our catering menu.
  • You also have the option of adding on a late lunch for $8.00-$12.00 per person.  

When it comes to the liquor side of things, we at Crave offer a wide selection for running the bar:

  • We offer a straight cash bar where guests pay for all of their own drinks, we can run a host bar where the host couple picks up the tab for all of their guests.
  • We can run a subsidized bar where the host couple pays a portion of each drink for their guest, OR
  • We can run a ticket bar where the hosts purchase one or two drink tickets for each of their guests – once those run out guests are on their own for drinks. The later is probably our most popular option as this way the host knows exactly what to budget for the bar.
  • We are also happy to create welcome cocktails and signature drinks for our wedding couples as a nice personal touch.  


Q: Kelsey Walker: Is it possible for you to incorporate gluten free items into your catering experience? 

A: Absolutely! Throughout chef Jonathan’s career the term gluten free has followed most of his menus. For our plated or buffet dinner selections 80 percent of the items listed are gluten free. He doesn’t use any flour in his sauces and glazes which makes accommodating gluten free individuals a breeze.

Our reception style menu also features numerous items that are gluten free such as chili lime chicken, chili roasted prawns, house made charcuterie and antipasti to name a few. Of course, chef is always willing to customize any menu to cater to the special requests and dietary restrictions of all of our guests.  


Q: Douglas Allan Richardson: Was just at a wedding where they rented blackjack tables, guests bought chips to play with, and the $ went to bride & groom…can we do that at Crave? 

A: Though this sounds like a fantastic idea and I personally think it would be a great time however Crave cannot accommodate this request. Saskatchewan Gaming requires a gaming license when gambling of any kind is taking place in a venue. Unfortunately, Crave does not have the necessary license to allow gambling in our venue. We can accommodate the games themselves but no money can be involved.  


Q: Darlene King: Crave, you have some of the best appies in the city. As a cook, I am curious about the following ... Do your chefs create their own recipes, or do they use tried and true recipes that they have accumulated over the years?

A: Chef Jonathan and his team like to be as creative as possible in the kitchen which means for the most part creating their own recipes. Most recipes they use stem from tried and true recipes that they have accumulated over the years but different inspiration and ideas influence adaptations to those recipes and often inspire new creations.

Chef Jonathan and his team are constantly working on new ideas in the kitchen, many of which stem from new experience that chef has. For example, chef Jonathan just spend a week in California studying food and wine as a means to gain new tools and inspiration for new menu items. Chef Jonathan has an expansive tool bag full of recipes that he is very loyal to but is always trying new things to develop new recipes.   


You can find them on Facebook here!


Trusted Regina Wedding & Events Show on NT 980 CJME

Trusted  is THE Regina Directory and is thrilled to be hosting a Talk to the Experts show " The Trusted Show' Monthly on Newstalk 980  Find them all here in our tips library or on our Trusted Channel on You Tube which is a fabulous resource of Tips , Interviews, Demos and Tours.

Listen to all the shows ON DEMAND, you can share them with friends who may be interested in the shows subjects and this makes sure you never have to miss a Trusted Show -   is the ONLY Local Regina Directory that works for you...and the only  place to offer this kind of service in Regina !  

This latest show we are featuring is the TRUSTED REGINA DIRECTORY Wedding & Events Show.

All of the questions on the show are submitted by our wonderful Trusted Regina Facebook Fans and one lucky fans question was chosen by Dave to win the Prize package submitted by the  Trusted Businesses worth over $300!

This months Trusted Regina Partners for the Wedding and Events show are 

Catering expert - *Crave Kitchen & Wine Bar- donating a $100.00 Gift Certificate

Hotel / event expert-*Best Western Seven Oaks- donating a $100 Gift Certificate



Enjoy the show here!





Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions your Trusted Regina Turf and Lawn Experts share a tip on New Lawn Care Instructions

Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions in Regina is a family owned Regina Landscaping company that has helped their customers achieve sod quality lawns at less than half the price.They also do conventional seeding and are suppliers of all types of turf grass seed, native grass seed and low maintenance grass seed products.

Rapid Lawn - The EASY and ECONOMICAL way to GROW GRASS

Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions are your Trusted Regina Turf and Lawn Experts! 

Here they share a tip on New Lawn Care Instructions:

Newly Hydroseeded Lawn Care

10 to 14 days
Germination takes place, water 3 to 4 times a day for about 30 days
Golden rule – ground wet all day (without standing water for more than 1 hour)
Every lawn and every irrigation system is unique. When in doubt apply golden rule.  


14 to 45 days
- Fertilize lightly with fertilizer (half of recommended amount)
Starter fertilizer is O.K. 


30 to 60 days
- First mowing takes place when 50% of lawn is 2″ or higher.
Mower must be sharp and clean of debris. Mower height set at 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches.
Fertilize again with half the recommended amount of starter fertilizer.
Mow weekly from now on (this is critical! It will force grass plants to spread out and fill in)
Water only once a day (early morning preferred) from now on. 


90 to 120 days
- Apply a good quality weed and feed!
Follow directions on bag exactly as stated.
Depending on your environment, this step may need to be repeated. 


Key Notes:

- The first 14 days of watering is critical to proper germination.
Review watering times daily to insure complete coverage of areas.
Adjust sprinklers or water times as needed. Do not “over water” or water at night! 


- Depending on your environment and (or) seed bed preparation. Weeds may or may not
grow with the new grass. They may be killed at a later time with normal applications of
weed and feed.


- After grass is established mowing height should be at least 3″ but not more than 5″.
3 1/2″ or 4 1/2″ is recommended (dwarf varieties may be lower)



- Fertilize 3 to 4 times a year with good quality fertilizer.



- Due to differences in soil condition and Ph balances, it is not uncommon to have small
patches that do not germinate. Many of these areas will fill in when you begin mowing
on a weekly basis. You must ensure that slow germinating areas are not caused by lack
of water!


Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions has several tips to help you with your landscaping.

Connect with Rapid Lawn Landscape Solutions on Facebook here!





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