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Trusted Regina window coverings experts answer the Trusted Regina Facebook fans questions Part 2


PART 2 - Ask the Regina window coverings experts  



Mike Maille -my wife hates the curtains open but I love the light coming in. Is there a blind that would satisfy us both?

I love this question Mike! It is a common marital debate we come across often. My solution to this question is one of my favourite new blinds called a “Unsion shade”. This is a 3 in 1 shade that combines a cellular blind on the bottom (and can come in any colour, privacy and light level of your choice), with a sheer pleated shade on the top. This blind can function so it is completely a cellular, completely a sheer shade, or have the cellular at any height to view the rest as a sheer. The pleated sheer is very elegant and modern representing the look and feel of a drape, but the function of a blind. The cellular can provide complete privacy, amazing insulation values and light control as you choose. The Unison also comes with a cordless feature for safety for pets and children, and the clean aesthetic appeal. P

Deanne Repski We have windows that are curved at the top --- are there blind solutions for these types of windows without being horizontal and covering up the architecture curve of the window?

All our other blinds are top down, bottom up honeycomb blinds so I am looking for something similar for these windows above my stairwell. The first question I would ask is why do you want to cover this window? There are many reasons, and therefore several different options you can use to meet your needs beside horizontal blinds. If you are looking for privacy, you have a few options. The honeycomb or cellular blind you mention is a great option for these windows, as you can choose a fabric that still lets light in but provides privacy. However, this blind is not functional, meaning once it is installed in the closed position, it stays stationary. Cellular blinds are also great options on arches when insulation or room darkening are important. Decorative window film can also be chosen to provide privacy and décor, but once again, will not be operable. Often, customers want to cover these windows simply for the UV, heat and glare that become bothersome on the interior of the home. A protective window film can be chosen to meet your needs and allows multiple protection levels to all three of these problems. As you mentioned, the arch is beautiful, and often we don’t want to hide it, so this means is fantastic from a functional point of view, but visitors to your home would not know it is even there – therefore keeps the decorative integrity of the window and will not compete with any current treatments you already have.

Suzanne Shuba : I'm looking to move from roller blinds and curtains to roman blinds. How are they for cleaning? Do they need regular cleaning? Is it difficult to do? Thanks!

Roman blinds are such a beautiful treatment that ads the warmth and character of curtains, but with the cleanliness and function of blinds. We carry several different types of roman shades from different manufacturers so we are able to provide any and all options, fabrics and price point that customers may request. In general, fabric can be vacuumed with a soft nozzle, and or spot cleaned with gentle fabric detergent. 

Jackie Grant: I just moved into an apartment with no window blinds or anything. So what are the current trends/styles for window treatments!

We have continuously seen over the past few years the emergence of fabric – drapery, headers, fabric covered cornice boards, etc. Now you have to imagine…these are not your Grandma’s drapes! There are so many modern twists on the “old school” heavy and darkened drapes. In addition to the style and patterns of the finished product – the hardware is AMAZING! Heavy rods, rings to hang pleats to spice up a traditional look, and finials that make a statement! Speaking of Granny’s blinds – you may also think of the old vinyl roller blinds with scallops that “zing” up into the head rail when you accidentally let go! However, roller blinds have become one of the most modern and sleek options that we love to “wow” customers with. The fabrics and patterns that have emerged into our company are probably one of our staff’s most favourite picks! Whether you want simple and modern, or printed to make a statement – friends and family will make your roller blinds a conversation topic that they envy with jealousy!

Tanya Smith :I'm looking for blinds for a camper, can you get the size required from or does one have to deal with an rv dealership?

You betcha! We have had much experience with recreational vehicles at our locations. Quite often cellular and/or pleated shades work well because of the minimal head rail, which fits behind the most common wooden valances that are typically in the unit. However, once we see the unit, we can explore all options. From our past experience, customers have been VERY pleased with the pricing we can offer in comparison to their dealership.

Crystal Powell: are all the blinds  custom or is everything special order? Also How long do special orders take?

We do specialize in custom window coverings – as we love for the coverings to be PERFECT in style and function.  In general, our custom products are installed in 3-4 weeks upon your order being placed.

Terry Mac: My Condo faces North South, with a picture window on the North and patio doors on the south of a 36' long combo room (living/dining). Obviously there isn't much light other than these windows....I need insulating drapes? (older condo), yet also the most light possible without feeling like I am in a fishbowl. What type/color etc window coverings should I use to allow maximum light and maximum privacy and still fit in with semiformal areas?

Oh Terry – there are so many options available to meet your needs – it makes me excited to think of the possibilities! First of all – with every appointment we walk into, after assessing the functional and aesthetic needs of customers, we will also ask what you are comfortable spending. It is our job to find a match for all three – function, aesthetics and budget! You tell us what you want – and we will work to deliver. If you wanted to stick with drapes, which can be on the higher end of budget – but look timeless and grand – do a double layer, perhaps a light sheer on the back rod, to provide décor, a bit of privacy and a ton of light coming in during the day, and a darker insulated fabric in front for the evening that can provide the formal look you are wanting and insulation and complete privacy when needed. When customers use the word insulation – we always tend to think about cellular blinds as well – which is a more economical option, but provides the warmth and feel of drapery, but the function of a blind. Cellular blinds as mentioned before, come with endless options, colours, privacy and light blocking options, yet provide a sleek clean look as well.

DS Simand I have 3 picture windows very high's in my hallway. I have been living with nothing on them for 13 years but in the winter people can see in. I like to still look out so what is my best option?

I would refer to Deanne Repski’s question above to help answer your question. Motorization is a wonderful option, or a roller blind/decorative film that can always be in the closed position, but still allow for some view. The other great thing about roller blinds and film is the very minimal maintenance that is required, as once they are up there, I don’t anticipate you wanting to clean them regularly! Roller’s and film collect VERY little dust, and are another reason they have become so popular!

Cheryl Slowski I noticed a house with blinds that cover the bottom half of the window...are these versatile and able to also cover from top down? Is this the new trend in window coverings? I think I would like this option.

This is known as the “top down-bottom up” option, and has become the MOST popular option in the window covering industry! They allow so much versatility for the homeowner, and can be moved from the top down as far as you’d like, the bottom up, as far as you like, or top down and bottom up together so the blind will sit somewhere in the midst of your window! The benefits of this type of shade is that you can have privacy on the lower part of your window, while letting light and a view on the top! This option is available on cellular, woven wood, pleated and roman shades. Most often you can order this option cordless as well, to eliminate the strings.

Patricia L George:  I have a patio door with no window coverings as I have a saint bernard puppy , the patio doors open to a secluded backyard,,, any suggestions for me?

I have a wonderful suggestion that is used on a daily basis with our customers. Whether its kids or pets using the patio door on a regular basis and wanting to see out, or you just really dislike the clanking and cleaning of blinds on doors – this will solve all your problems! If you’re familiar with the blinds that are built into the glass on doors, and function as a horizontal venetian blind (able to move up or down, or tilt open and closed) – we have enclosed blinds that can be installed very quickly and easily on your current patio door, and will mimic exactly the same look and function. This option is protected by an additional piece of glass to make it secluded from those Bernard’s trying to get a peek out – and best of all – completely affordable!

Alana Anderson Baumgartner: We have a large window made up of two opening side-panes. What is the best type of blind to use on this when the side panes open outwards?

A common question and concern to many customers’ – with an easy solution! Independent of the blind that you choose (which will be determined by you and our consultants dependant of function, aesthetic appeal and budget), all blinds come with one head rail, but have 3 different functioning blinds hanging from it. This allows you to function each section of the blind as needed, but looks very professional and custom underneath the one head rail. Our consultants will provide professional measuring so the divisions match up perfectly with your inherent divisions on your window frame.

Christine Anne Nichol - My venetian blinds were installed when our house was built 10 yrs ago now all of the bottoms are falling off. Could this be from the sun-windows face south. Should we replace them? This may be a defect in product, and still may be covered under manufacturer’s warranty if purchased from a reputable custom covering business. This should NOT be an effect of the heat or cold that our climate experiences. However, if they are not covered under warranty, I would suggest you look at some other options for replacement. Window coverings have come so far in the past 10 years with green and insulating products becoming standard, new types of products that are functional and beautiful, functional and safety options that weren’t available before, etc. We would love to show you some options when you are ready.

Pamela 'Laxdal' Munson We had new windows installed about 2 years ago and the casings are plastic - how do we install blinds without damaging the casings?

There are two options in this case: 1. If you are completely against installing within the window casing, you can mount on the trim, or even better, on the drywall directly above the window as to keep the integrity of the trim as well. 2. Installing on the window casing’s themselves (top or sides of the window’s vinyl) will not affect the integrity of the window, or void the warranty. Installing “back” into the vinyl that may be on the glass will however, and reputable company’s installers WILL NOT do this! We install on the interior of the vinyl casings thousands of times a year, and have never ran into a problem. Typically, if you are worried about the “looks” of the holes if those blinds are replaced down the road, usually homeowners agree that if those were to come down, others would replace them and cover the holes anyways. Or, if you ever completely remove the coverings, you also have the option to have the holes professionally filled (we use a wonderful and reputable company in town called Fibernew). Ultimately, you have to be comfortable with your choice, and our consultants will help you choose something perfect either way!

Sherri Rudolph - what are the most durable and practical type of blind when dealing with 2 cats who love to sit in the window? They seem to break up those mini blinds you can get from the department store? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

We come across pet friendly homes every day! And our customer’s are always so excited with the options available!!! First, before I talk about the options –  Amazing! Many of our blinds are very durable. One that comes to mind is faux wood blinds as they are extremely durable when it comes to “bending”, and can vacuum or wipe down easily! They are also a very affordable option that can come in white/light colors, or dark wood stains dependant on your décor.

Darci Paice-Bailey  What are the best options to cover a skylight, we have two in our bedroom and they are fine in winter but in the summer our room is super bright. Also they are very high up 12' ceilings....

Cellular blinds (honeycomb) are usually your best bet in this situation. When customers say bedroom – it usually means they want the ability to darken the room on those rare mornings you may have to sleep in! Cellular blinds provide phenomenal insulation in the summer – as another common complaint is how much heat skylights let in during summer months, they can be room darkening, and they are operable with a “sky pole” from the ground (relatively easy to open and close on a daily basis). They are installed on a track to prevent any sagging as well. Wonderful solution all around!

Gail Anderson :Do up-down blinds come in a variety of fabrics? Are they all sunblocking or just sun filtering? Do they work for a 5 panel bow window?

Good questions Gail! For starter’s refer to Cheryl Slowski’s answer above. And to elaborate on her answer, all of the mentioned fabrics come in a wide varietyg of light filtering options – right to room darkening. And as mentioned before, the options for top down-bottom up windows also have the smallest head rail – which means they are the best option for bay and bow windows! We offer a FREE in home consultation where our sales consultants can help you choose the best product for your situation. AND MOST IMPORTANT IN A BAY WINDOW – our sales consultants are trained in professional measuring, as bay and bow windows can be quite tricky! Our goal is to make the process of choosing, measuring and installing FUN and easy for the customer!

Jamie Fraser  Which blinds do you sell that are easier to dust or more resistant to collecting dust? As my daughter is allergic to dust. Also, which blinds do you sell that are the safest for children?

Thank you for asking this question – as so many parents are looking for the same solution! The number one answer for this question would be a vertical blind of some sort – as they collect very little dust (in comparison to a wood horizontal blind for example). My personal fave would be a roller blind as they are modern, sleek and have a ton of fabric options to choose from. Obviously important to stay away from any fabrics that dust can cling to – velvet or texture for example. Our roller blinds also come standard with a beautiful, durable stainless steel chain for operations, which are attached to the side of the window making the aspect of children safety covered!

Karin Mellon I have white trim around my windows and doors. I have antique bronze curtain rods. Where should I install the rods? In the middle of the trim? Above the trim? If above, how far above?– the current trend is to go high and wide! Having the drape close to, if not butting up to the ceiling elongates and increase visual size of the window and the room. Typically, panel drapery is hung now just for looks, not for function. We call these “dead hang” panels and are meant to add style and décor to the rest of the room. Therefore, you want to cover approximately 6” of the glass surface of each side, but extend the fabric onto the wall as far as you like – some customer’s are choosing to cover the rest of the wall in drapery to make a real bold statement – which we love! If this isn’t the look you’re going for, there are some general rules of thumb to follow when putting up a standard curtain rod. Dependant on the height of the windows to the ceiling – you can either place the rod a minimum of 4” above the window trim, or half way between the trim and the ceiling – whatever your situation may be. What’s great about drapery and hardware? Nothing is wrong! We love playing around with different textures, colors, positioning and hardware to create whatever “feeling” our customer is looking for!



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