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REGINA VETERINARY Experts on the REGINA DIRECTORY share a Trusted Tip on Intestinal Parasites

A shocking Trusted Tip on Worms!

Intestinal Parasites

Lots of puppies and kittens are born with worms! These internal parasites can cause vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss or failure to grow, and very rarely death. Over 10,000 cases of animal roundworms cause illness in children every year in some parts of the world.

Your veterinarian will prescribe an effective dewormer for all puppies and adult dogs, if indicated (according to lifestyle). So that you may better understand the problems internal parasites may cause, and what signs to look for, we have included a short description of the six most common types of intestinal parasites.

ROUNDWORMS - Are the most common type of intestinal worm. They are 2-4 inches long and resemble strands of spaghetti. They may cause vomiting, diarrhea or weight loss. They are transmitted through the stools of other infected dogs or cats, or through the uterus of the mother to her unborn babies. Entire worms can sometimes be seen in the stool or vomit of infested animals.

HOOKWORMS - Are half-inch long worms which attach to the lining of the small intestine, causing blood loss and diarrhea. Puppies and kittens can become infected through the mothers uterus before birth, or via her milk after birth. Older animals acquire hookworms from skin contact with stool from infected animals.

WHIPWORMS - Are not as common as other intestinal parasites but the disease they cause can be very serious. Bloody diarrhea and weight loss, are the symptoms seen. These worms are transmitted by ingestion of the stool of infested animals.

TAPEWORMS - Live in the small intestine, where the head attaches to the intestinal wall and produces a chain of segments. Mature segments containing the eggs are passed with the stool, or may be seen around the rectum. They resemble small grains of rice. They may be acquired by ingestion of rodents, birds, or most commonly, through the ingestion of fleas. Flea control is essential to control tapeworm infestations.

COCCIDIA - Are one-celled protozoan parasites, more like bacteria rather than "worms". Puppies and kittens can pick these up from their mothers or from eating rabbit or other wildlife droppings. They are treated with antibiotics.

GIARDIA - Are also a protozoan. They are very difficult to pick up on a regular stool check. Antibiotics or special wormers kill them but they are difficult to eradicate completely and often flare up with stress or other intestinal problems. They are contagious to humans and cause vomiting and diarrhea.

HEARTWORMS - Are a deadly parasite carried by mosquitoes. Risks vary according to place of residence and areas you travel with your pet. At this time, Saskatchewan is considered to be free of Heartworm risk. We will update you of any increased risks at your annual exam visits.

For more information, please read this pamphlet on Pets, Parasites and People.

Check out the listings here in the Vets and Pets category on THE REGINA DIRECTORY directory of experts. Here are some pictures  ( very magnified ) of some of the the nasty critters!




The ' Handsome'  Hookworm


A Dog infected with WHIPWORMS

Stay Trusted my friends..SAFE and TRUSTED Of course!

Regina Vet Experts on the REGINA DIRECTORY share a Trusted Tip on the dangers of CHEWING GUM

A shocking Trusted Tip on the dangers of CHEWING GUM to your pets!!

 Although chewing gum is not a huge danger to humans, it poses as a dangerous and potentially lethal poison to our dog friends. Over the last few years, xylitol poisoning has been on the rise. Xylitol is a sugar substitute sweetener that is used in many products. Its use in North America has increased rapidly in the past few years, and it is widely found in sugar-free gum, candy, low-carbohydrate foods, sugar-free toothpaste and other oral hygiene products. It is also available in granulated form for baking. As a result of its increased availability in the home, veterinarians have seen an increase in the number of poisonings associated with xylitol, particularly in dogs. Xylitol is a problem in dogs because it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, where it stimulates the release of insulin. This insulin release will then cause a hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) crisis. In higher doses, xylitol can also cause liver failure and death. Its effect on blood sugar and insulin in cats is not clear at this time. Xylitol is over 100 times as toxic as chocolate to dogs. As little as 2 pieces of chewing gum could cause hypoglycemia in a 20-pound (9-kilogram) dog. The first symptom of xylitol toxicity is usually vomiting, but signs of low blood sugar such as lethargy or weakness, seizures or collapse occur quickly afterwards. Because of the rapidity with which toxicity develops, testing for xylitol in the blood is not realistic. Therefore, a presumptive diagnosis of xylitol toxicity is made if a dog has a history of eating a product containing xylitol, is showing symptoms, and has low blood sugar levels. There is no antidote for xylitol toxicity, but if a dog is treated immediately with intravenous fluids, glucose supplementation and other supportive treatments the prognosis for recovery is good. The prognosis is worse if the dog becomes comatose, or if it develops liver failure or a bleeding disorder associated with the toxicity.

Check out the listing here in the Vets and Pets category on THE REGINA DIRECTORY directory of experts. They are YOUR Trusted Vets right here in Regina!





Radio Centre our Trusted REGINA AUDIO & VISUAL EXPERTS share a Trusted Tip on 'Cool Tech Stuff 2012'...on the REGINA DIRECTORY of Excellence

Radio Centre Consumer Electronics has been serving Regina since 1948 and is 100% locally owned and operated by Tim Parson and Rene Fahlman. What began as a small radio shop has transformed into a full service electronics store. From buying to installing to service, Radio Centre ( is the place to visit when you're shopping for electronics, they share an article by Richard Fregosa they found recently on Cool Electrical stuff 2012!

A look at some of the most off-the-wall products seen at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

"While CES always promises to be a tradeshow featuring some of the latest innovations, there are a couple of things you can always expect to see while at the show in Las Vegas. CES is never without two things, for example, the adult expo area and the "weird stuff." AVN and CES parted ways this year, so there will be no photos or commentary on the more "revealing" side of the show. I'll have to settle for showing you some of the items that left me scratching my head and wondering who buys this stuff. See pics of all these crazy items at the bottom of the page ....and let us know what you think...will they catch on? "

1:Electronic Cigars

Electronic cigars consists of a chassis, battery, heating element, and a “flavor pack” that provide such sumptuous tastes as “nicotine”, “cherry,” and other equally stomach churning concoctions. In my quest for journalistic integrity, I tried a puff on one of the sample units. The resulting taste can only be explained as sucking in the exhaust of one of these rock concert smoke machines. Half an hour later, I was still slightly gagging and coughing.

2:Alien Computer Parts

Deep Cool from Bejing, China, specializes in PC cooling products. Pictured is the “Dracula” video card cooling apparatus. I didn’t quite see Transylvanian industrial design at play, and for my money they could have totally called it the “Alien Resurrection Spinal demogrifier” and I would have totally bought it.

3:Home Cloud Server

 Some concepts totally make sense, but when their actual purpose is explained in rather unsettling detail, it’s hard for me to look at technology the same way. The home cloud server is basically a super roomba with one important distinction. Designed for the home healthcare market and specifically the eldery, the little remote pods are designed to “seek out and eliminate strong odors and byproducts” using a combination of sanitizing and deodorizing agents. It’s a delicate way of dealing with an indelicate problem.

4:The "Bieber-Bot" and the return of Pleo the Robot Dinosaur

Like this needs any explanation…

5: iPhone Bottle Opener Case One

One hand it makes sense, on the other hand, I totally expect Larry the Cable guy to be on speed dial for anyone who carries this around.

6:You're Too Drunk To Drive

Lockout "Game" What do the people who brought you the iPhone bottle opener case do for an encore? They offer a lockout system for your car ignition that lets you know you’ve had one too many. How do they do this? Breathalyzer? Sweat sample? Tiny drop of blood BAC reader? Well no, that would be too easy. This device makes determining your sobriety a game by forcing you to follow a “Simon Says” lighting pattern on the remote key fob to unlock your ignition.

7: The Watch Phone

or is it the Phone Watch? Burg brings you not one, but five watches with full cellular capabilities that also lets you text messages, and even has a built in camera for taking covert pictures. Oh yeah, it tells time too.

Find Radio Centre at 2100A Dewdney Ave, online at or check out their listing in AUDIO & VISUAL here on the REGINA DIRECTORY of excellence...Radio Centre are your Audio & Visual and ELECTRONIC Experts right here in Regina!



Nice Trusted Tip Radio Centre, our REGINA AUDIO & VISUAL ..and ELECTRONICS EXPERTS!!




Radio Centres store is on Dewdney in this beautiful old can't miss em!  

Trusted REGINA MORTGAGE expert shares a Trusted Tip : What it takes really takes to buy a home!

Buying a house is a real pain in the neck. Even for the most seasoned buyer - it's nearly impossible to be completely prepared for the journey...something ALWAYS comes up...and just when you think you have overcome every objection and provided every piece of paper find out "more information is required". It's frustrating and tiresome. So, how can someone prepare for the Joy's (HAHAHAHAHA...that's funny for so many reasons!) of becoming a homeowner?

While it's far from a complete is a gentle nudge in the right direction. Keep in mind as you read this...this information is coming from a guy who has bought and sold numerous homes and has nearly a decade of being on the front line of the Mortgage process. While it seems a little "sharp" to's probably close to the best information you can get. No sugar added - just 100% pure, unadulterated, FACT!

STEP ONE: Know what you can afford for a monthly's not what you think!

Just because you pay rent for $1200.00/month and are accustomed to it...doesn't mean that's what you can QUALIFY for based on the rules that exist...of which there are plenty! I can't stress this enough. Before you do anything else - sit down with a calculator and figure this out. Its actually not that hard. I will do my best to make it clear.

• Take your Gross (this is the number before deductions) MONTHLY income and multiply it by 42% - this gives you the MOST outstanding debt you can have that includes your mortgage, property taxes, condo fees, heat, credit cards, loans, lines of credit, etc. This is referred to as the Total Debt Service Ratio. An example will follow - stay tuned.

• Take your Gross ANNUAL MONTHLY income and multiply it by 32%...this will let you know the most you have to spend on HOUSING COSTS...Mortgage, Property Taxes, Condo Fees, Heat. This is called the Gross Debt Service Ratio.

Example: Gross Monthly Income: $5000.00 ($60,000.00 ANNUAL Earnings).

• TDS: $5000.00X42% = $2100.00

• GDS: $5000.00X32% = $1600.00 (This number may be revised based on other Credit Debt)

• Assume the following: $150.00/month for Property Taxes and $75.00/month for Heat.

• Assume the following DEBTS: Car Loan $320.00/month, Master Card at $90.00/month, and a Student Loan with $180.00/month payments.

Based on this scenario - the most this situation would permit for a Mortgage is based on the credit subtractions from the TDS...which will then marginally adjust the GDS. So take the $2100.00 and subtract all the credit items (2100.00 - 320.00 - 90.00 - 180.00 = $1510.00 Revised GDS). Now to figure out the mortgage (referred to as Principal and Interest) you have to take the Revised GDS and subtract the Property Taxes and the Heat costs (1510.00 - 150.00 - 75.00 = $1285.00 Principle/Interest MAX Payment).

That's anywhere from a $275,000.00 to $300,000.00 Mortgage Amount.

Of course there are some variables we still have to take in to account...such as size of down payment and whether or not we need the good folks at CMHC.

STEP TWO: Have the BASIC information at hand when applying for a Mortgage.

The most common documents are rather simple:

• A Letter of Employment that confirms your position, start date, annual earnings, work probation status, etc. Of course this letter should be on Company Letterhead and of course should be signed and dated by someone who can VERBALLY verify the contents of it should the lender call to confirm the details.

• A Pay Stub or two is also good to have on hand...preferably as current as possible up to 30 days old.

• Additionally - a VOID Cheque or Pre-Authorised Payment Form from the account you want to have your mortgage payments come from is also going to be required.

• A Solicitor accompanied by the Contact information is also good to have - don't worry, if you don't have one...most Brokers have multiple contacts for you to draw on.

Of course if you are Self Employed, or you make a ton of overtime or are commissioned based...there will be some other items requested in order to prove your income - best to actually speak to your broker to be totally sure what you need...doesn't hurt to call ahead. Be prepared with 2 most recent tax years (T1 Generals and NOA's)'s lines 150 and 236 that we want to see!

STEP THREE: Realize that a Mortgage is a big deal...and must be treated as such.

In a world of microwave dinners and self serve checkout lanes built for your "convenience"...understand that your mortgage should not be treated in this fashion. If you want it done right - you want it done by the right person...a full time PROFESSIONAL. True, we can be mobile...but only to a certain degree...once we leave our office, we potentially leave a lot of our proverbial tools behind. We aren't plumbers...but hey for the amount a plumber charges for a service call, maybe we ought to be! And hiring a "Part Time" broker is probably the most detrimental decision you could make...when a problem arises, and that is entirely plausible, your broker better not be a stay at home mom cleaning up lego, or unavailable to you because they are working at their other job! It makes sense that your broker is available when it counts! Simply put - take the time to meet with your broker...if that means you have to schedule an appointment after work or you have to take time off work - it's important to understand that your Mortgage process is not the same as a Drive Thru. Quite honestly, you put yourself at risk by having a stranger over to your home...and more importantly the job is not likely to be done right the first time. While many people SELL themselves as professionals, and they may have plenty of education and know how behind may get more than you bargained really bad advice from truly unqualified people.

At FOCUS Mortgage Solutions - it's all about YOU! It's certainly not about us - because quite frankly we wouldn't be here if not for you. We are pleased that we have a large client base with over a 60% retention rate...and we hope you will be one of them!

Our service is Free - and we love what we do! We have the lowest rates in the country that the banks only dream they could offer...but we aren't in the sharing mood when it comes to them. There is a funny saying out does it go againjQuery15203564789609444766_1336494858003 Oh yeah, "Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob everyone!"

check out the TRUSTED Regina Mortgage brokers ...they are your REGINA MORTGAGE EXPERTS!


Galon Insurance our Trusted Regina Insurance expert wins an award and recieves recognition from CAFE is very proud to announce that Galon Insurance, our Trusted Regina Insurance partner has been honored by CAFE ( The Candian Association of Family Enterprise), as they win the Regina Family Enterprise of the year achievement award 2012!  

REGINA -- "It was the kind of bold move you'd expect from a guy who had been a boxer in his youth. It was 1963 when John Galon and his wife sold their business in Moose Jaw and invested just about everything they had in buying A.T. Brown and Co., an insurance firm in Regina. It was a gamble - but one that paid off with their firm, now called Galon Insurance Brokers, not only surviving but receiving the 2012 Family Enterprise of the Year Achievement Award from the Regina chapter of the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise. The other two finalists for this award, presented Thursday night, were the Davis-Ward Centre for People Excellence and Robinson Residential Design. The story of Galon Insurance Brokers owes much to John Galon, who grew up as "a welfare baby" (as he put it in an advertisement decades ago), boxed competitively, served in the air force during the Second World War, then earned a commerce degree. His firm diversified into real estate holdings and sales, plus mortgages and insurance. When he died in May 2010, he was remembered not only for his business acumen, but for his many charitable and sports volunteer work, and for a 1982 run for the mayor's job, stressing tight financial management, economic development and securing the city's water supply. "His biggest thing was that all customers are basically friends - and relationships," says grandson Jason Galon, who today manages the firm, which has two offices in Regina and two more in Saskatoon. The Davis-Ward Centre for People Excellence, has been run for 18 years by the husband-and-wife team of Barry Davis and Wendy Ward, and specializes in training and development, including customer service and management skills, "train-the-trainer" coaching skills, executive coaching and personal development. Robinson Residential Design has been run by John and Janet Robinson for 15 years and focuses on the design of multi-family dwellings, interior design and structural drafting, notably cottages and homes - one of which led to a laudatory mention on HGTV's Sarah's Farmhouse series. Jason Galon said the lesson from the success of this family firm - with five family members involved in it - is simple. "The biggest thing is communication from the previous generation to the new generation in terms of long-term goals and commitment," he said. That should include the thorny question of whether younger members even want to get into the family business. Jason studied arts, not business, in university, but got into the insurance business right after graduation in order to "try it out." A decade later, "I certainly love what I do." (ref: Regina Leader Post Jan 13th 2012- Will Chabun) 



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