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Trusted Tips & Resources

Reginas Pet Experts on the Regina Directory of Excellence share a Trusted Tip on Raw food!

Their first Trusted TIP is something they are very passionate about..and they found the following article they wish to share with you , as it explains fully why they are big proponenets of this diet for your canine & feline friend!

Raw Diet An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure!

Dog and cat lovers want the best for their companions and are constantly being challenged to make changes that will assist them in living long, happy and healthy lives. We stay on the alert for the latest advances in training, exercise, and diet that will facilitate their longevity and quality of life. We are also always comparing what we do with the methods used by fellow pet owners and may “jump on the bandwagon" because some things are just in vogue and we feel like better pet parents if we do.

So exactly who feeds raw diets to their pets? Breeders, veterinarians, pet groomers, trainers and pet owners that regard their companions as “valued family members", feed raw food. This includes cats and dogs; all breeds, ages and sizes. Vegetarians and people that shop at health food stores feed raw diets. Feeding raw fits with their holistic lifestyle. These people believe in the benefits of whole foods. They know that raw foods provide nutrition that heat processed foods do not. Another group that feeds raw consists of people who may not be health conscious, but recognize the need to feed their pets a diet suited to their species. Some people learned about raw diets because they may have experienced the pain and/or expense of caring for a chronically ill pet. They might have lost pets to illnesses that may have been preventable and they don't want to make the same mistakes again. Often time, pet owners that learn about raw food for their pets take on a new approach to their own health and eating habits making it beneficial to everyone. The old saying “you are what you eat” is so true and applies equally to dogs and cats as well as people.

Pet owners may find it surprising to learn that domestic pets are also what their ancestors ate. Just as individual genetics influence nutritional requirements, millions of years of evolution have also shaped domestic pets' need for specific nutrients. The genes of the dog and cat, which control every function of their body, are essentially the same as those of their wild ancestors. In fact, a study, conducted by UCLA scientist Robert K. Wayne, concluded that all dogs are the direct descendants of wolves and in 1993, the American Society of Mammalogists officially designated the domestic dog and wolf as the same species. Unlike their cousin, the fox, who sometimes eats as much fruit as meat, wolves subsist primarily on dead animals. They nibble a little grass or eat an occasional wild blackberry, but their primary diet is animals that they have killed or scavenged. Most of the animals that are killed by wolves are ungulates such as white-tailed deer and moose. They also may grab a rabbit, fowl, vole, or even insects, but, deer stuff; hair, soft tissue, muscle, bone fragments, and even skin, are what is most often detected in a wolf's stomach. When wolves or wild cats catch their dinner, they eat the soft tissue first, the lungs, spleen, heart, kidneys, and intestines. During follow-up meals at the kill site, they will continue eating the animal's muscles, hide and bones. The stools from these meals contain mostly hair wrapped bone fragments. By the end of the feast there will be few leftovers, maybe a jawbone or hoof. Even though dogs and cats are domesticated, we must respect the fact that they are still carnivores with strong carnivorous instincts, and a palate that is suited to eating primarily flesh. Beneath the purring and wagging tails lives a wolf and a wildcat, and although domestic companions may not have the survival instincts of their wild equivalents, they still have the dietary needs of a predator and scavenger. So, if you, the perfect dog owner, choose to feed your dog or cat the diet of his ancestors, you would do best to feed him a diet consisting of primarily raw meat, organs and bones and a bit of vegetables and fruit can also make up part of the diet for an optimally healthy and long life for your pet.

Know Good Health When You See It!

A dog that is fed a well-balanced diet rich in beneficial nutrients shows many recognizable signs of good health. These include:

 • Healthy coat that is soft and shiny and doesn’t mat easily

• Little or no Doggie odor

• Abundant energy

• Strong immune system, which keeps him/her healthy

• Brightness, a sparkle in his/her eyes and a sense that s/he is enjoying life

• Well-muscled body

• Well-formed stool that is not voluminous and is easily produced, with no straining

Problems Associated with Low Quality Diets:

• Skin odor

• Dull, greasy coat, usually accompanied by dandruff

• Susceptibility to generalized infections, such as ear infections that become chronic or skin infections caused by greasy, seborrheic skin

• Thin, undernourished appearance

• Low energy level

• Voluminous stool

Weight Check-up

• Begin by placing both thumbs on your pet’s back bone. Run your fingers along the rib cage. If you can’t easily feel the bony part of each rib, your pet may need to lose weight.

• While your pet is standing, stand directly over him/her and look down at him/her. You should see a clearly defined waist behind the ribs. If your pet doesn’t have an "hour glass" figure, he/she may be carrying extra pounds.

• Check your pet’s profile. If you don’t see a clearly defined abdomen tucked up behind his/her rib cage, he/she is probably overweight.

Galon Insurance become our first Trusted Insurance Listing on THE Regina directory of excellence!

We are proud to brag about Galon Insurance our first Trusted Regina Insurance listing.

Insurance is one of those things that most people don’t like spending money on right? Who thinks that they are going to have an accident or a flood or a crop failure….you get through the year with no incident and then you feel like you paid that premium again for nothing….and anyway, all the brokers offer the same service and coverage and it all costs the same everywhere doesn’t it? Trusted is here to tell you NO is the resounding answer to all of those questions… It really is worth your while doing research on the Insurance company you are currently with, to see what they are doing for you …and we would definitely recommend you putting Galon Insurance on your short list in Regina! If you check out their Trusted Regina listing here, you can read the testimonials from Galon’s happy clients, one that we received that isn't listed there was also very telling  “Unlike my previous experience, Galon showed me rates from a number of companies, finding me the proper coverage at a better rate than I had ever paid!”.

It is not all about price for a lot of people, in fact price becomes less of an issue if the experience and level of service is outstanding, and we are happy to say that Galon Insurance ticks all of those boxes too… Galon Insurance Brokers are a family business now into the 3rd generation, and Jason Galon has just as much passion for the business as his Grandparents John & Eleanor Galon did when they started it in 1963…they now have 2 locations in REGINA  and 2 in Saskatoon  and the Galon family are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for their clients…they are OUR TRUSTED Saskatchewan Insurance brokers, and it doesn’t matter if that is for farmers crop insurance, motor license issuing, home and commercial insurance or even passport photos …they offer wonderful extended hours to meet their clients busy lives and they are open 7 days a week fact they are only closed 3 days a year!!!!

Welcome Jason Galon and the Galon team, we are proud to brag about you!

Click here to see the great pic of John & Eleanor Galon with their family in the 60’s and beyond.  


Trusted Regina brags about AWESOME Auto Electronics our Automotive Audio Expert on the Regina Directory of excellence!  is thrilled to brag about another wonderful Trusted business on the Regina directory of excellence!

We are busy catching up, as so many businesses are coming on board each week across the province..sometimes we are stretched pretty thin...on  ..and soon on  directory you will notice how many TRUSTED TIPS our existing clients are providing us the typing never stops. ..except maybe to film our own TRUSTED TIPS for Global Saskatoons new 6-9am morning show ( our first consumer tip by Sara the Trusted founder aired today..we will have it up on Youtube asap for you to look at! )...exciting and BUSY times on the run up to Christmas!

We are not complaining though..we are breaking new ground in the directory industry with every step forward...not only are we unique because we provide businesses that have a track record of excellence..and are contracted to uphold the 5 Trusted Guarantees of excellence for those people with a NEED right now..but we are evolving into a local source of TRUSTED Experts..who provide tips for the consumers who we know are researching online BEFORE they decide who to buy from or what to buy! To see this feature for yourself got to  click on the category you are interested in .......and you will see a link to the right of the category that says CLICK HERE FOR TIPS AND RESOURCES this takes you to our blog archive where you can pick from our list of Trusted Tips..or you can simply select a category you are interested in from the TAG CLOUD on the left to see all TIPs and blogs on that subject..EASY ..see we truly are the SMART & SIMPLE choice!

Now, lets brag about our most recent Trusted Regina Partner!


To say Brent ( who started Awesome Auto Electronics) with partners Blake Friesen and Glen Armstrong are passionate about what they does would be an UNDERSTATEMENT....! These days we spend sooo much time in our vehicles , so why not get the best system you can to listen to your favorite dance track on or crank it up for a good classic or kicking Rock tune.....whatever your musical tastes, age, gender or desires Awesome will help you achieve the best sound possible in your vehicle...

Or perhaps you are SICK of getting up 30mins earlier in the Winter to bundle up warm and stagger out in the -30deg morning to start your car..the guys at AWESOME FEEL your pain..and will have that Remote car starter installled on your vehicle ( or the ladies in your life would win BIG points for that thoughtful Christmas present) quickly and done RIGHt the first time...Whether it's a Remote Start, GPS device, Audiosystems ...or any audio visual custom design, big or small, you can rest assured that your eyes and ears will be fully satisfied when the job is done.

Go to their listing ...their website or just drop into their building on Lorne street ...they are waiting to serve you..see how friendly and eager they are to help in the pic below! Welcome AWESOME ....we are thrilled to give you the ' Thumbs up'


We look forward to bragging about the other Trusted Regina Partner that went live last week....and telling you why they are a SAFE and Trusted businesses and why when searching or googling, you should choose a TRUSTED business in Regina'll be glad you did!

Winmar Regina is our Trusted Regina Disaster Services experts...find out why they get the' Thumbs up'


Was our first Trusted business to go live and has a listing in the Contractor and Renovations category in Regina..lets tell you a little bit about why they deserve a place with us.

Contractors has to be in the top 3 top of 'horror stories ' categories and Winmar Regina headed up by the fantastic Anna Tzortzis , who funny enough is the Sister of Selina Baldwin who is owner of Winmar Saskatoon, specializes in dealing with the true EMERGENCY situations that all of us hope we never have to go through......

•24 hour / 365 days a year

•Water / Sewage Extraction

• Structural Drying and Preservation

• Contents Cleaning

• Mould Remediation

• Odor Control

• Board up and Containment

• Fire Clean-up

• Humidity & Indoor climate control

• Document and Media Recovery

• Restoration of Essential Services

• Inventory and Content Control

• Temporary Warehousing

• Bio-hazardous Materials Clean-up

PLUS General Construction put EVERTHING back together again. Anna and her dedicated team were working around the clock to help the unfortunate victims of the extensive flooding this year South of Regina, and they helped many , many Saskatchewan families in their hour of need. We think the list covers it all....but if it doesn't mention what you are looking for, stil call Winmar because they will answer no matter what time of the day or night ..and they will be there to HELP YOU when you need it the most..they are committed to working in your best interests and the positive comments and testimonials from their clients during our survey and on their listing on the DIRECTORY speak volumes.... call WINMAR FIRST...DON'T WAIT FOR YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY TO CHOOSE FOR YOU!!

Titan Auto, a TRUSTED AUTO DEALER REGINA and Trusted Auto Repair and Service expert, this is why they deserve ' The Thumbs up'


Our 1st Trusted Regina Auto Service & Repair and our 2nd TRUSTED REGINA AUTO DEALER. 

Used car dealers as a category definitely fall high in the HORROR STORIES that consumers tell…Just type Used Car dealer Horror into GOOGLE and you will see plenty of evidence of it .A site call has a big list of real life stories that they share  ,so Trusted knew that if we found a Trusted Regina USED Auto dealer that could pass our tests that we could really promote them and have a significant impact on their business….and not only do Titan excell at Used Auto sales, but they have an excellent service department too!

This is good for everyone in Regina, but ESPECIALLY for Women customers, who are extremely wary of USED Auto Dealers and Auto Repair & Service shops ..Women generally steer clear from FEAR of being ripped off, due to lack of knowledge! We are pleased to report that Titan Auto passed our tests with Flying colors…and all the RISKS normally associated with buying a car are negated due to our verification process, because Rob (the Manager of Titan) signed a contract to uphold the 5 Trusted Guarantees like all of our Trusted Partners and because Trusted knows they genuinely want to provide the best service possible..we know because we spoke to their clients who were randomly surveyed ..they have a good model to follow next door at Mercedes (our 1st Trusted Auto Dealer) …and they are both owned by the same owner, Rick, who runs both businesses with the same principals.

Titan are conveniently located on Broad Street, and if you haven’t been in before we think you will be pretty impressed by their airy showroom, helpful and happy staff , excellent range of vehicle inventory and their polite and organized service department. We also suggest you try out their new coffee, hot drinks machine….so many options…and all GOOD, which really does make a difference….it means they care about looking after you while you are waiting! So if you are shopping for a used vehicle or if you have problems with your existing ride and need to find a Trusted Auto Service & Repair shop in Regina, or even if you need new rims, tires or vehicle accessories, we definitely would urge you to go to Titan first…we guarantee you WILL NOT Regret it! Check out the Auto Dealer listing on the directory and the Auto Service & Repair category too.

Welcome Rob and the Titan team, we are looking forward to working with you and promoting you , and you definitely deserve the 'Thumbs up’ from



Trusted Regina is always PURELY POSITIVE




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