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Trusted Regina Brags about Radio Centre ..Our first Trusted Audio & Visual listing on THE Regina directory of excellence celebrated 6 month of being live by hosting a 6 month Trusted Partners networking event on the 28th November at Finns Irish Pub, which was agreat success..over 70 people attended and people swapped success stories, networked and made new friends in a relaxed and informal atmosphere ...the Trusted Partners benefit from so much more than just the listing as we try to provide as much additional value to our partners in different ways...we are not your ' usual advertsing/ marketing company ' thats for sure! 

We can't wait to do the same for Trusted Regina Partners, and as adds more and more businesses to the ever growing list of Trusted businesses on the Regina Directory each week, we are hoping it won't be too long before we have their launch party/network event to celebrate at too!!!

Our latest Trusted Regina partner is Radio Centre, and we will tell you why they ' deserve the Thumbs up' and what sets them apart below...if you know of any Regina businesses YOU think deserve our endorsement please nominate them here  you could WIN $1000 CASH one lucky person who nominates a business through the directory will be drawn at random on our launch night and will be a BIG Winner!! 

Radio Centre

The Radio Centre Team Radio Centre, like many of our Trusted businesses is a 100% locally owned business, and it has been open since 1948 in Regina.....that in itself is very telling...and what it means to a consumer is that they are 100% LOCALLY ACCOUNTABLE, which is very important, especially in their category!

The team, headed up by Tim and Rene, are proud of what they do, and they strive to provide a perfect customer experience for every person that walks in the door of their cool Warehouse District location. What began as a small radio shop has transformed into a full consumer electronics store with products ranging from home theatre audio/video to iPods to portable electronics. With a fully authorized Service and Repair Centre, and a willingness to support their customers for the life of their purchase, Radio Centre has an ability to develop strong relationships with their customers, and this was very well demonstrated when we spoke to their clients as part of the Trusted verification process.Check out their listing here and read their clients words for yourself...these are REAL testimonials from REAL clients..we know because we spoke to them you can be assured they are not fake reviews, like some websites often display.

It was Michelle Staruiala. one of our Trusted Regina consultants that recommended Radio Centre in the first place, she had sent clients from her previous job there to get looked after, and had always heard wonderful feedback about their high level of customer service, so when she thought Audio & Visual..they were top of mind! Also, just a few days before the listing went live we had a nomination for them through the website ...what a funny coincidence, but it just shows that yet again we have found a company that is deserving of all the endorsement, praise and promotion that Trusted Regina is eager to shower upon them! Here is the nomination we recieved, so you can see for yourself....  

"I have dealt with both Rene and Tim since 2003 and can Honestly say I am more than pleased with their Honesty and Service that I have received from them and the Staff. I would and will always give their Name to anyone looking for service and product they have become Friends who Care."  Ernest Winter

Thanks have nominated a company you TRUST to us, we appreciate that, and in return you will be eneterd into the $1000 Prize draw!

Their website has many resources and some interesting features like the auction feature CLICK here to see the latest, they also have a blog and a copy of their latest FLYER of fantastic offers! they may be a smaller local business, but that doesn't mean that they can't compete with the big box stores...they defintely do..and they do it with a laugh and a smile!    

It just shows, that the Radio Centre motto is true.... "Customer service is not dead, it is just hiding…at Radio Centre".


We welcome the Radio Centre team to , where we promote the best..other directories just list the rest! We truly are the ONLY direstory that works for YOU the consumer, as we find you Safe and Trusted businesses in Regina and beyond. Become a FAN of our Trusted  Facebook Page here  and stay tuned in to track our progress , as when we get going there will be ongoing contests and prizes given away to our Trusted Regina fans!You will learn pretty quickly that it always pays to be a fan of Trusted Regina!

Stay Trusted my friends....Safe and Trusted of course!   


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