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Regina DISASTER SERVICES EXPERTs on the Regina DIRECTORY...share a tip on Mold in New Homes

posted by Trusted Regina    |   February 8, 2013 17:53

 Trusted REGINA DISASTER RECOVERY SERVICES Winmar  provide expert advice and world class service! They have certified consultants who are there for you 24/7 for REGINA Mould remediation,  disaster response services, fire and flood damage & restoration throughout Saskatchewan...they are your REGINA Disaster and a TRUSTED REGINA CONTRACTOR  

Why Is My Newly Built Home Getting Mold?

Just because a home is new, does not mean it is mold free!

You have mold in your home because there is excess moisture, required by mold to grow. The question, of course, is why does my brand new home have excessive moisture?

When was your home built?

Was it built during a rainy season?

Did the builder dry the house properly?

Did the home builder control the humidity before putting in the insulation and installing the vapor barrier?

In order to prevent mold growth it is crucial to ensure humidity levels are only 30 to 40% before the insulation and vapor barriers go up. If this is not done, then the moisture and humidity are trapped inside the home, creating a situaion ripe for future mold growth.

A key component of mold growth is food. Mold will not grow without proper food to feed on. In the past, homes were built primarily with plywood and timber which are not as porous, making it harder for mold to get into the surface. Today, new builders use more oriented strand board (OSB) and particle board. OSB and particle board are more porous and act like a sponge to moisture and allow mold spores to penetrate easily. When condensation forms on OSB it turns to mold very quickly.



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